A Solo Summer

Ladies and gentleman, in case you didn’t know, summer 2017 is upon us. It’s washing over us quick like the ocean waves themselves, and with the intoxicating season comes all its typical rituals and to-do lists: workout dat summer bod, blend those tan lines, and of course, get ready for that vacation you’ve been planning since the end of last summer. 😉 Everyone’s loading up friends and fam, checking passports and making sure there’s enough alcohol to go around. But maybe not.

Maybe, for whatever reason, you’re vacationing by yourself this summer, singing “Its just me myself and I, solo ride until until I die,” as you board the plane. Honestly, the idea sounds quite majestic, even after having failed my own solo vaca. In this blog, I’m gonna share with you my own disastrous summer experience, and give you some personal tips to (hopefully) help prevent you from talking to your shadow in the nostalgic beachy sunset. IMG_0596

Last summer, I drove to Myrtle Beach to stay a couple weeks. The first several days were amazing. It was the vacation of my life…up until the point where it wasn’t. Not even halfway through the trip I impulsively packed my bags and drove to my family’s house in Dallas TX to begin a trip that wasn’t scheduled for another month. I spent July 4th and my Mom’s birthday with a full house and a smile. Long story short, i got bored, lonely, and miserable quick. So, my first tip to you if you’re trying to spend the summer alone is, DON’T. But if you’re hellbent on doing it anyway, then here are some other tips so you don’t cry yourself to sleep every night.

  1. Work. I know–seriously? But not every summer has to land you on a cruise. I’ll leave instructions for a staycation on another post. You can stay home, work, and save money for a trip during the fall or winter seasons.
  2. Meet people. Assuming you’re not socially challenged like me, it’s a great idea…so I hear.
  3. Attractions. Duh. Research whatever place you’re visiting and find some local popular attractions. Parasailing? Amusement Park? Go-carts? Hell yes!
  4. Exercise. Yoga on the beach is pure bliss. Especially if you do it with the sunrise. You know, before everyone else is up. Ugh, right?
  5. Bring your hobbies. Sometimes better than friends in my opinion. Write, draw, paint, photograph…clean? I don’t know.
  6. Begin new hobbies. Can’t do any of the stuff I listed before? Learn! You’ll have time and an atmosphere boosting your morale–why not? Always wanted to write a novel? Let the writing begin.
  7. Netflix. Lay down with that bag of chips you’ve been eyeballing and do what you’ve gotta do…like no one’s watching, because, well, no one will be.
  8. Self-reflect. Start a journal. Maybe a blog? Maybe a vlog! Vent. It’s healthy.
  9. Treat yourself. Fucking spoil yourself and go all out like you’re dying after the trip is over. Go out to a restaurant. Go to a chocolate bar. Order room service! YES!
  10. Sunsets/ sunrise. Need I say more?

Everyone thinks you have to be with a group of people to enjoy yourself, and that’s not true. Everyone also thinks you can’t go out without a group full of people, and neither is that. The social stigmas need to stop. You’re your own person, do what you you want. Get out of your head and stop caring about what people think of you. If you’re happy then that’s all that matters. Enjoy your Summer everybody.


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