Who am I?

Too often we find ourselves so lost in our day-to-day routine that we lose touch with ourselves. Seems like not too many people today see the therapy in self-reflection. Have you looked into a mirror lately? Seen your reflection at all? Did you see what you were expecting, or could you barely recognize what stared… Continue reading Who am I?


Saying Goodbye

"The few mathematicians who could follow him might say his equations begin brilliantly and then decline, doomed by wishful thinking: Dr. Lecter wants time to reverse -- no longer should increasing entropy mark the direction of time." -Thomas Harris, Hannibal [Spoiler: More Hannibal quotes are to come.] ;D Its by far the worst revelation of… Continue reading Saying Goodbye


Are You Happy?

"But I see a lighthouse in the distance calling my name, but I can't get there 'til I go through all of this pain. -Troye Sivan, Swimming Pools No doubt some answered 'Yes' and others 'No.' If you're someone I'm trying to reach with this blog, then chances are you said, 'No.' Or maybe you're… Continue reading Are You Happy?