Are You Happy?

“But I see a lighthouse in the distance calling my name, but I can’t get there ’til I go through all of this pain.

-Troye Sivan, Swimming Pools

No doubt some answered ‘Yes’ and others ‘No.’ If you’re someone I’m trying to reach with this blog, then chances are you said, ‘No.’ Or maybe you’re like me. I tend to go back and forth. Happiness comes to me in brief bursts. A quick flash, then it’s gone. Long enough for me to get a taste, but never a bite. What a tease.

Now, before we really gut this topic, let me ask you: “What’s the meaning of your life?” Oh, what a philosophical question, hm? One with many, and at the same time, no answers. I suppose your answer may depend on your belief system…System? Sure. That is, if there even is one. Mine is about as empty as me.

If you’re religious, your meaning may be a rather specific one. If not, then maybe you have multiple meanings that vary. Maybe there is no meaning for you. Whatever your answer, I’m not judging. I do find my own to be quite childish though. It being? Happiness. A meaning I search for, but can never quite shed a light on. The relentless pursuit has left me feeling like a stray dog chasing his own tail. Whether I’m destined to catch it or not, I can’t say. But I’ll keep trying; running in circles until I fall down.IMG_1523

Think about what makes you happy. Is it something as superficial as those daily shopping trips, even though you’ve already maxed out two credit cards? Or is it something as piercing as Cupid’s arrow? And for the ultimate question: Are you actually happy, or trapped in some false belief, a twilight zone? A miserable soul pacified by the simple pleasures.

Again, I’m not judging. As humans, we’re naturally imperfect. We look, but it seems most of us look in the wrong places. Still, at least we look.

My whole life, I’ve been selfish, pursuing only what I wanted–what I thought I needed–without a single regard for the feelings of others. Now I’m alone, 2000 miles away from my family, and 2000 miles from the happiness I pursue. But I have all the materialistic toys and all the nice things. That’s all that matters, right? I’ve always done what I thought was best for me, but all I really did was look in the same place hoping to find something different.

Happiness–true happiness–can hardly be found in selfishness. It can hardly be found in superficiality, and it can never be found in the graveyard of all our mistakes. So, venture out, try different paths; think about what really matters when you lie yourself to sleep, and always include those you love.

What makes me happy?IMG_0595A beautiful sunset in the suburbs, preferably with family nearby.

Tell me, what makes you happy?


Mr. Hush

“I’m on the pursuit of happiness and I know everything that shines ain’t always gonna be gold…”

-Kid Cudi, Pursuit of Happiness

3 thoughts on “Are You Happy?”

  1. Im old so there are a lot of things that make me happy-all of which involve my husband and kids. But lately it has been rock climbing with all four of us. We work together to get to the top of some gorgeous mountain and just marvel at the view! Thanks for stopping by my blog and checking it out!

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  2. I have a different perspective, mostly because I’m older now (early 60s). But my Life is still vital. More vital than a decade ago, in fact. Mostly because I finally made friends with Life :))

    If I could tell my younger me what I know now, I’d say:

    “Hey. It will ALL WORK OUT :)) Your Life WILL WORK :)) You will get ‘There’ !!!! Your bills will be paid. You will find Love. Relax. Enjoy the Ride. Don’t be so uptight about everything !!!! Dig the moments in Life you’ve been given. Make the best decisions, whenever a choice arises. And TRUST. Be Grateful !!!! And — DO what you Love to do :))”

    I feel very fortunate because I came in loving, dreaming about, and wanting something specific from Life — in my case, HORSES. I’ve built my Life around them!

    I’ve noticed that the people who seem to have done the best and reached the most happiness in the big arch of Life, have had a long-standing passion, and followed it. Whatever IT is . . .

    My brother came in loving music and gadgets and recording and such — he’s a top studio recording engineer.
    My X loves sports, mostly baseball. Also surfing. He’s a well-known sports columnist for a big newspaper.
    My husband: plants; horticulture. He’s now in the film industry, putting plants in front of the camera for TV and films.
    My Dad: music. And airplanes. Made music for Disneyland and at Fox Studios on all the TV and Movies. Top, top, top.

    I could go on. Many examples, the wonderful thing you get as you live Life — you see these rich Life stories play out around you, see what works, what doesn’t.

    You seem to be right on track. Expressing your feelings, questions. Writing. Searching.

    You’ll get there. You ARE there. Your life IS working out. You will pay your bills. You will find Love . . .

    You will blunder. Fall. But you will get back up. Learn. Try again. And Life is rich!

    Stay the course :)) Make the best decisions and choices you can.


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