How Men See Women

The way “men” treat women today is something that makes me wonder if everyone has actually fully evolved from our primitive friends down at the local zoo.
It’s been gradually getting so bad for so long that the standards for how a guy should treat a girl are in the dirt. Seriously. You trash-talk a girl today and it’s considered “locker room banter” (Ahem, Trump).

I just saw Wonder Woman a few days back, and I have to say it’s by far the best movie I’ve seen this year. Very inspiring, empowering. There were a few things said during the movie that have kept me thinking, and ultimately inspired me to write this here post. I couldn’t find any direct movie quotes, but there was a scene that stated the world was once all man. Then wars began waging, so Zeus created woman and put them upon the Earth to bring a sense of peace and calm to the storm.


I’m not gay, I’m not a feminist–I am, however, disgusted with men today. Not all men. But if you’re a guy who comes home, puts his feet up and tell his girlfriend/wife to make him a sandwich while watching football with a beer in hand, then I’m most likely referring to you. Hello!

I was raised in one of those households on the poorer side of a poor town without a man in any of the picture frames. Because of that, responsibility was dumped on my Mom, Grandmother, and Aunt. Yep–three women helped me grow into a man, and I know they did a better job then my dad could’ve. There wasn’t a lot at their disposal, but they did what they could to keep me and my brother comfortable. My Mom worked double shifts, my grandmother endured panic attacks on the nightly facing her agoraphobia…those women will always be held on the highest of pedestals for what they did for me.

Just an irrelevant side note here: Why can’t I go out in public alone to sit and write? I understand that’s viewed as weird these days, but does everyone have to stare? Maybe there’s something on my face…hm.

So, how do men see women? Okay, let me step away from the keyboard for a second…I can’t answer that question directly–my answer may come off as biased. From my own experience; a lot of people-watching and eavesdropping, I’d say too many men see women as objects. Property. Toys. I understand genetic makeup is at play here, but it seems men only look to women and want one thing. Everywhere I go, I see guys openly eyeing girls up and down like they’re a new car or house. They go around in public grabbing on girls they don’t know and whistling at them from across the room. It’s rude and terribly, terribly distasteful to say the least. Some girls like it, some girls don’t. What girls like is attention. Most men give it to them, only in the wrong way. And it’s like women have started just taking what they can get. As Daya said, “Where do the good boys go to hideaway?”

Women should be able to go outside without having to worry about what they’re wearing just because piggish guys can’t tame their animalistic impulses or show respect. The fact that someone can blame a girl and say, “She was asking for it,” is fucking appalling. If you say they’re asking for it then I say you’re asking for it.

Ladies reading, please stay safe. Never ever ever stand to let a guy disrespect you in any way, and never let a guy convince you that men are superior to women, because it’s not true. This is coming from a guy. Women may need men, but it’s only for the one thing. Men need women for more reasons than they know. After all, Zeus put you here to bring peace and help stop the wars didn’t he? 😉
Thanks for reading, and I hope everyone has a fun, safe Fourth of July!

A pic from July 4th 2016 on a Maryland lake 🙂


(I’ve also made a twitter account recently!)

11 thoughts on “How Men See Women”

  1. As much as I completely agree with this post, I equally think it’s good to talk about how women treat men as well.

    At first, we might ask ourselves – ” Men have expectations? I thought they had male privilege because they were male? ”
    Contrary to that, the issue of privilege is not an issue on gender – it’s rather an issue on exclusivity – the inability to ever fully be knowledgeable of someone’s circumstances, despite how much you claim. Even the alt rights and campus liberals have internal conflict within them because of subjectivity, though it isn’t regularly talked about.

    But since the debate is largely about ” this gender > this gender, ” I’m going to take it on.

    Men have expectations too.
    We’re typically expected to be tall, have a deep sounding voice, unemotional, and muscular. Because those are all traits befitting of masculinity, apparently. This is a real problem, because for me, it’s difficult to open up my emotions to other people, especially girls ( whom I have romantic interest in ) – because it’s a sign of weakness.

    We all know it isn’t a sign of weakness – but I guess the general population of women think it is – which is why we believe it is, since, it literally is the people who we are interested in telling us that’s not what they expect.

    Of course, they are always those people who are misrepresented by umbrella terms such as ” men ” and ” women ” – not all men are solely driven by lust, and not all women are solely driven by masculinity.

    At the end of the day, everyone faces problems, and the world is never fair. I think this debate isn’t about gender – but the flaw of the human condition towards injustice.

    Let’s accept it everyone, life sucks.

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    1. Thank you for such a thought out response. Honestly, I wasn’t trying to be so in depth with it. Some guys I knew kept talking in such vulgar ways about respectable women around me and it sparked me to wanna indirectly say something about it. But yes, you are very correct. If you look at one side you have to look at the other. I agree with you as well. Both sexes–humans in general–are far too judgmental and tend to hold such specific, rigid standards that it’s almost unrealistic.
      Believe me, I completely understand where you’re coming from there. I’ve taken my share of jeers from others who’ve considered me too “feminine” for expressing my emotions–hell, eve from my own family.
      Your last paragraph sums it up perfectly. 🙂 lol

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  2. Thanks for the thoughtful post.

    Do you ever have trouble connecting with women because of this “stereotype”? How does it feel to have other assholes give you a bad rap?

    I think people would stare at something writing alone because they either look cool and important or they are cute and intriguing hahah!

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    1. Yeah…it’s not always the women at fault though. But yeah, it seems like girls tend to jump to the assumption that I’m just trying to get them into bed, and that’s understandable given how often that is the scenario. Good girls assume that and brush me off, but other girls ONLY want that. So yeah, like I said, standards are in the dirt thanks to those “assholes.” Kinda sucks :/

      And thank you for saying that, haha. Made me laugh. I like your reasoning much better than my own 🙂


      1. Bahaha what a roller coaster of assumptions!

        Sometimes guys think that I am ditzy or easy just because I am friendly. Yet, little do they know I will run philosophical circles around them all day haha!


      2. lol yeahhh I tend to think too much.

        I know what you mean. Girls smile or wave at a guy and suddenly dude thinks he’s about to get lucky.
        haha philosophical circles hm? I like it. Well you go girl! Run them circles 🙂

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