Get The Most Out Of Life

The thought of sitting in a life only half-lived is one that makes me quite anxious. It sets alight a need to go-go-go. The irony there is that as I type this, I’m sitting alone in my apartment on a Saturday night with absolutely no plans other than this blog. But hey–do as I say, not as I do.

Just because I can’t abide by my own advice, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t. So, how is your life? Wasted? Lived to the fullest? Are you lying to yourself? It’s fine, ’cause I obviously am.
“I’m having the best night EVER!”

Anyway, we all have our own preferences and opinions, I know. All I’m trying to do is throw out a raft 🙂

  1. Learn to be happy alone.
    I think it’s time we stop making ourselves believe that we need other people, because let’s face it, we don’t. Everything ends. Seriously, just spell out friend. When we become too dependent on others, it only makes it that much easier to fall when time does what it does best. In the end, all you need is you.
  2. Explore.
    I once read something where someone said, “The world is your home. Staying in one place is like staying in your bedroom your whole life.” Think of everything that’s out there: all the sights unseen and roads untraveled. Don’t you want to see it?
  3. Chase your dreams.
    Chase them like you’re a serial killer running after a prostitute who still has handcuffs dangling from one wrist. Chase them. Catch them. Kill them. See Maladaptive Daydreaming for further help. Thank you 🙂
  4. Be impulsive.
    Break the shackles of your routine, monotonous daily life. Jump from the cycles and do something spontaneous. One time when I was living in Tennessee, I couldn’t sleep so I got up and drove all night to Texas and surprised my fam. You can do something less what-the-fuck though…like a movie!
  5. Look to the sky.
    In case you couldn’t tell, I’m a sunrise/sunset-kind-of-guy. I take a lot of pictures of them (yes, all the pictures on my blog are photos I’ve taken). For me, nothing puts things into perspective quite like a look to the sky. It’s only then that I see how wide and vast the world is, how small I am, and how smaller my problems are.
  6. Be healthy.
    I’m not gonna leave you with any workout routines or meal regimens, but I’ll do what I can. Get your 8 hours, learn some new recipes and start cooking at home; spend a week committing to a body cleanse. Your body is all you really have, so take care of it. There, did I do good enough? No? Very well, moving on.

    “I’m very careful about what I put into my body, which means I end up preparing most meals myself.”
    -Hannibal Lecter, Hannibal

  7. Break the rules.
    I suppose this kind of coincides with #4, but it’s an important one. Thank you to those that follow every law like a lost dog, but come on, really? Stop being so boring. I’m not saying rob a bank–I’m just saying stop acting like you’ll get the death sentence for staying in the pool after it closes.
  8. Kill your darlings.
    This is a phrase popular amongst writers. And it is as it says. A lot of people don’t know what they have until they’ve lost it. When I first moved to Texas, I hated it. Then I moved back to Knoxville and thought, ‘Holy shit, I miss Texas.’ Now I’m back and I’m here to stay. This place has grown to a home for me.
    Take a step away from what you have. Deprive yourself of it for just a moment so you can truly appreciate a life with it.
  9. Last but nowhere near least, Live like a psychopath.
    You read correctly. Now, not all psychopaths are Jeffrey Dahmer. In fact, one of the careers that attract the highest number of psychopaths is a surgeon, which means one has probably cut into you at one point. Cool, huh? 🙂
    Psychopaths have been shown to exhibit traits that most people could use. For one, they’re impulsive. It’s like “Just do it” is their motto. They rarely procrastinate, and get, shit, done. They’re also cool under pressure and able to detach behavior from emotion. How nice would it be to stop feeling so bad over so little?

Like I said in the beginning, we all have preferences. Maybe you write down yours and try to live by it. Whatever you’re doing to live your life, perhaps the most important thing to know is that it won’t all be perfect. Sometimes you’ll feel like you’re getting nothing out of life. Sometimes less than. But never let go. We only get one life, so we might as well live it.

I hope everyone is having a nice weekend. Thanks for reading!




P.S. My next post will either be titled ‘Living 6 ft under’ or ‘The Mask of Sanity’. Which sounds more interesting? Email me if you’d like.
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6 thoughts on “Get The Most Out Of Life”

  1. I loved your #5. I’m a sunrise sunset kinda person myself. New beginnings every dingle day. A blank canvas so to speak. And where every I am, I check to see if that sunset is worth shouting about, or shouting AT. Happy Monday…tomorrow.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha–thanks for the impulsive comment Dawn. They’re always the best kind if you ask me. And thanks for the music. Not what I typically listen to, but I did enjoy it. Reminded me of what my grandmother used to listen to in the morning when she’d smoke a cigarette and drink some coffee.
      Hope all is well 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. :)) I can just picture Grandma :)) You gotta hear my daughter’s music video — I come from a long family line of musicians, so her talent is pretty cool!!! I bet your Grandma would love her :))


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