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Do You Enjoy Mystery/Thriller Novels?

A few of you may be familiar with my dream, my relentless pursuit of being a published author. If not, then you know now.

And if you thought this post was going to be me announcing the arrival of such an event, then…it’s not. Sorry. It’s still pending, but I swear it’s so close I can almost hear it, like distant trumpets just over the mountain’s peak.

It’s all I want–to be published. All. I. Want.
I’m still workin’ the grind though! And as impatient as ever.

Checkout the link below to view some work I’ve done.

The story is called “The Author”. It’s a mystery/thriller, and I promise not to disappoint. šŸ™‚ If you’ve at all enjoyed my writing on WordPress, then I assure you you’ll like this.

9 thoughts on “Do You Enjoy Mystery/Thriller Novels?”

    1. Hey James! Sorry I’m just now replying. Thanks a lot for taking the time to read. Thanks even more for the constructive feedback. It’s one thing I’ve been lacking in this whole process. I need to join in some writing groups. Never knew how important an extra pair of eyes was. o.0

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      1. If you wanna send a couple sites my way that’d be great. Also, I’m adding chapters to that story every couple days, so if you’re ever bored with some time to kill… šŸ™‚

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      2. Happy to take a lot. Feel free to send a reminder when you do. You can also reach me on social media if you’d rather message there than on a blog for all to see! LOL My links are all on my homepage.


      3. as for sites, definitely… the first two to start with would be nanowrite and goodreads. Lots of potential beta readers for you there. Then there are a few mystery groups, depending on if your book is more thriller/suspense or more mystery… it might still fit in.


      1. Hey. Had a chance just now to read the first paragraph on Wattpad. It’s very engaging. A great balance of dialogue and exposition. Definite drama and suspense. Good setting description. Might need a bit more character description, and I wasn’t sure the policeman’s actions fit, but without knowing more about the town and the exposure he’s had to a violent crime, he might react that way. Overall, I would have continued reading it if I stumbled across it online.

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