Our Masks of Sanity

“People fake a lot of human interactions, but i feel like I fake the fall, and I fake them well.”

The mask of sanity is a term used to identify the facade used by a psychopath to appear “normal” and socially acceptable. That specific mask is not what I’m here to discuss though. What I’m referencing is the facade that all of us use. You know which one I’m talking about. The one encumbering you, weighing you down…Let’s see if we can’t take the mask off. Maybe then you’ll know.

When I wake up in the morning I feel like a blank slate. After I pick my clothes from the closet, I pick a mask to match. I swear there’s a whole wall full of them. Sound familiar?

We all have different masks we’ve sculpted over time, with the helping hand of society of course. We have a mask to wear around strangers, friends, family, acquaintances…then we have what’s underneath: us! Scars, wrinkles, blemishes and all.

This reminds me of an essay we wrote in college that discussed the different languages we use in different social situations. If anyone wants an interesting read over the topic, I’d recommend Mother Tongue by Amy Tan. šŸ™‚

“I let you know me…see me…I gave you a rare gift, but you didn’t want it.”

One of the most beautiful scenes in all of TV history, but it is graphic. Viewer discretion advised šŸ˜‰

Though we all have a Mask of Sanity, I still have to say–with the help of Melanie Martinez:

All the best people are crazy”
It’s true and you know it!
Since I first saw him on the big screen, The Joker has always been one of my idols. I know–“One of your idols is a fictional and deranged mass murderer?” Yes. There’s nobody out there as authentic and carefree as The Joker, and I don’t mind admitting I’m completely envious.
What I’m trying to say is, let your crazy show. All you have to do is take off the mask. If Psycho taught us anything, it’s that, “We all go a little mad sometimes.”

What kinds of masks do you have?
Quite the collection, I’m sure. I know I do. To show you a few:
There’s one that says “I’m confident,” one that says “I care,” and another that says “We’re friends.” I even have one that say “I love you.”
Honestly, a lot of my masks are made on the spot to better blend with the moment.

But why? Why oh why do we spend so much energy designing such meticulous constructs?

  1. Personally, I believe the main reason is because we want to be accepted. Humans are a social species. Connection is a necessity almost as vital as oxygen. We all want to feel welcome. Even the most monstrous of us.
  2. Because we want others to feel comfortable and accepted. We’re just nice like that. Well–most of us.
  3. Because we have something to hide. This is my personal favorite. Whether it’s to protect our reputation or to survive, us humans know how to blend in when needed. Some more than others.
Is my mask on or off? Can’t tell here šŸ˜‰

What have we done to this world? Judgement is everywhere, and Hollywood has forever tainted our expectations of what love, happiness, and beauty are supposed to look like.

Now, I’m not going to tell you to “be yourself,” because I think it’s a cliche that’s already been beat to death. I hate cliches. No need to keep beating the dead horse. Wait a second…So, I’ll say it another way: Let your true colors flood through, even if they don’t make a rainbow.

Don’t be afraid to break from society’s standards of “normal.” Make your own standards. They may look at you weird, but it’s only because you’ve made them all question their own masks. šŸ™‚

Thanks for reading!




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