Creative Writing: A Crave

This was an exercise/assignment from a Creative Writing course I took last year. I just stumbled across in my documents and thought I might post it on here. Hope you enjoy! And let me know what you think 🙂

The first thing I want in the morning is the same thing I wanted the night before. The need aches; it throbs to the rhythmic beat of my rapid heart, beating like tribal drums in the shadows of night as the crave howls at the stars. Gradually, it rises like a wave until it curls and bombards the shores of my sanity like a tsunami, leaving nothing but disordered chaos. How long can I fight? I kick my feet and sway my arms, using all just to keep my nose above water. But my limbs grow weary so fast in these days—days that seem to stretch and stretch, but never snap. Sometimes I find comfort in the thought of sinking, but the thirst won’t let me. It conjures in the suffocating black of bed time and towers above me as I twist and turn in my sweat-soaked sheets. By morning, the only option I can see clearly is to give in. So I do. And it’s beautiful. Finally, the tribal drums quiet, and the hungry howls fade into the trees like the receding waves with all their wreckage and debris. I let out a breath and feel a smile stretch its way onto my lips. Alas, it’s never the end. For the vicious cycle will always find a way to sneak back upon me. This isn’t what I want to be; I wish I could help myself, but they just don’t make clinics for coffee addiction.

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11 thoughts on “Creative Writing: A Crave”

  1. This was fun too fun to read! you tease with your excellent writing and word play and I just had to know what the “it” was 🙂 I thought you may have been talking about longing for a loved one to return , and then I read “coffee” and thought to myself “yep I can relate !”. Thank you for sharing.

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    1. Haha–yeah, I think your guess would’ve been spot on if I had stuck my original idea. Sadly, this was for a class assignment, so I thought I’d keep it light. Thanks for reading! 🙂


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