Short Story: When the Sky Fell

When the Sky fell

My name is Olivia, and I was ten years old when the sky began to fall.

It was me, my Momma, Daddy, and my big brother, Patrick. We were all packed into one car on a road trip headed from Memphis, Tennessee to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. It was early when we left. I was still asleep and Momma carried me to the car. We drove all day. I watched the sun rise high in the sky, then begin falling behind some mountains far away. It was supposed to be our summer vacation. I don’t remember where we were when everything began, but Daddy kept screaming about the palm trees everywhere, so we had to be close.

The weather couldn’t have been more inviting in South Carolina. We were on the highway driving. It was like a scene from a movie. The windows were down, the music was up; everyone’s hair was blowing in the soft breeze…it was perfect. I hadn’t seen Momma look so happy in a long time. And the sunset—oh my gosh. The colors were brighter than I’d ever seen them. There was pink, purple, orange; a little bit of blue. It was like a sky made of cotton candy. It seemed like nothing in the world could possibly go wrong in that moment.

“So who’s going snorkeling with me?” my Dad tried shouting out over the music. “Patrick, how about you?”

“What? Uh-huh…sure,” Patrick replied without taking off his Gameboy screen.

Daddy looked at Momma with a smirk. “What about you, Baby?”

Momma shook her head side-to-side.

“Gah, what a bunch of babies!” Dad said with a laugh. “Guess it’s just me and you, huh Olivia?”

I smiled and said, “Yeah!” Me and Daddy were always the ones who did a bunch of crazy, active stuff. Sometimes it was scary—but I knew Daddy would protect me. He always did.

Then, out of nowhere, the sky started to change. Those cotton candy clouds had gone grey. They were grey like the smoke from a burning city. The wind picked up speed and the clouds moved in faster. It was like the blink of an eye and the whole sky was smoke.

Daddy turned onto a ramp that lead to a bridge. I remember the bridge being pretty big. It went up, curved, then went back down, almost like a rollercoaster. We were on the highest part of the bridge, where it curved. Looking out, I could see so far. I saw all the palm trees Daddy was talking about, I saw so many buildings; I think I could even see the sparkle of the ocean behind everything. In the lane next to us, a car sped by; the driver was on her phone, texting. Then I saw something in the sky. I didn’t even have time to think.

“Daddy look out!” I shouted as loud as I could. As I said it, a giant truck-sized rock fell from the sky and crushed the car that sped past us. Felt like the whole world shook. Our car jerked, and suddenly half the bridge was gone. Momma grabbed Daddy’s arm as they both gasped. I tried to scream but my breath was gone.

In the few moments after that, everything was just a rapid firing of still images. Thinking back to it is like flipping through a dusty photo album filled with antique pictures. I remember one second the sky was turning; the next was a shattering crash that turned everything black.

I wasn’t sure I was awake. Had I been knocked unconscious? If so, then for how long? Colors slowly came back, but the world was quiet. Silent. It took a second to remember what had happened. Then, ‘PAH! BOOM! BOOM!’ Each one getting louder than the last. It sounded like explosions in the distance, like bombs were going off every direction. I tried sitting up when I realized the car was on its side.

“Momma,” I said. “Daddy.”

They wouldn’t say anything. I was hanging by my seatbelt, just over my brother.


He didn’t say anything. His eyes were closed, and he was so still. There were red scratches on his face and his Gameboy sat on the floor, its screen cracked. In front, Mom and Dad sat still too. I reached up and pushed on the back of Momma’s head but she wouldn’t move. She wouldn’t wake up. She wouldn’t answer. Nobody would answer.

Help, I thought. I need help.

I put a foot on Daddy’s seat, held onto the door and unbuckled myself. Kicking and pulling, I climbed out of the window. Broken glass cut my fingers, but I couldn’t let go. I didn’t want to step on my brother. When I got out and stood on top of the car, I remember just looking around and thinking, This isn’t Earth. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. It was so dark, like God had turned out the lights. Maroon clouds above swirled into a giant funnel. There were bursts of white as streaks of lighting struck in the clouds. Thunder roared. So loud, so powerful. I’d never heard thunder sound like that.

I took in a big breath, then screamed, “HELP! SOMEBODY HELP US!” I screamed so hard my throat hurt. Over and over…But it was pointless, because how could anybody else hear me if I couldn’t even hear me?

Everywhere I looked was disaster. People were fleeing their cars and flooding the streets, buildings and bridges crumbled, flames rose from piles of rubble, collided cars sat with upturned hoods; their lights flashing in the hazy air as their alarms sounded nonstop. The worst thing I saw, though, were the people carrying limp bodies, and the mothers curled around their dead children. It was the end of the world, and I knew it.

Then a sound fell from the sky—a sound that put a hush to all others. It was a low droning-kind-of-sound, like the hum from an engine. Maybe a plane or a helicopter. I put my hands over my ears and pressed hard. So loud. I remember looking up and seeing something beginning to slowly come through the clouds. I had no idea what it was. All I could see was this giant, flat surface. It was dark and went on forever. It looked bigger than the Earth. So many thoughts went through my head I couldn’t even think. I wanted to pick up my family and run far, I wanted to hide, I wanted to rewind time and stop everyone from even going on the stupid trip…but I did nothing. No, I just stared up at whatever it was breaking through the fiery sky. Next thing I knew, a blast of white, brighter than I’d ever seen. Then…nothing.

I awoke not long ago—I don’t think. It’s pitch black and I can’t move. I can’t even feel anything. Every time I try making a sound, nothing comes out. God, please don’t let this be happening to me. I’m so scared. All I want is my Mom; to see her, Daddy, Patrick—but I know I can’t. The only thing with me now is that engine sound. Maybe. I think I hear something coming….


Hope everyone enjoyed, and of course, thanks so much for reading! 🙂





Copyright 2017 Jordan Antonacci


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