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Poem: Stay With Me

Black ran from her eyes

“No, don’t go,” she said as she cried

Under a pouring night’s sky

She brought a ‘hello’ to my ‘goodbye’

“It won’t be forever,” I tried to tell her

“I’ll come back to you someday and take you back to that place”

But we couldn’t dance in the rain

Rain that drowned in her tears beneath the plane

“Stay with me,” I heard her plead

From home and through security

“By my side is where you need to be

“How could you just leave me?”

“Somewhere the sun is shining,” I said

“Where skies are clear—I just need to get there”

As empty as our cold, cold bed

It’s not fair, to say I just don’t care

Hundreds and hundreds of miles in-between

30,000 feet up, I’m 6 feet below

Voicemails on repeat, following me

I begin to drown, as down the plane goes


Thanks for reading everyone! Hope you liked it!




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