8 Things To Learn From Conor McGregor

The Notorious One

Less than a decade ago, Conor McGregor was homeless and working as a plumber, enduring the doubting eyes of everyone around him, including his parents. Today, he’s the UFC Lightweight World Champion and former Featherweight Champion, worth approximately 64 million. His rise was no trivial task, though.
Below, I highlight some characteristics of The Notorious One that have, no doubt, helped make him one of the most skilled and successful UFC fighters of this generation.

“Look me in the eye, 28 years of age, confident as a motherfucker, long, rangy, dangerous with every hand!”
-Conor McGregor

This is an Obsession

  1. Turn doubt into fuel. “I’ve been listening to ’em laugh my whole career,” said Conor. “…The sound of laughter and the sound of doubt motivates me.” If they doubt you and you let it take you down, then it’s most likely your doubters were right. Don’t let them control you. People will doubt everywhere you go. You have to get up; go do it just because they said you can’t. Then? Then go laugh in their faces. Prove them wrong.
  2. Visualize your success. Conor has earned a reputation for predicting exactly how his fights will play out…and ending up right. It’s happened enough to be considered really fucking weird. (See video at bottom for wtf-level of proof.)
  3. Hard work pays off. “When preparation meets opportunity, nothing is impossible…You can achieve anything.”
  4. Believe in yourself, not your style. Conor abides by the same code as Bruce Lee: “No path as the path.” It’s reflected in his fighting style–or his lack of one.
    Absorb everything. Saying “My way is the best way” is the wrong way. No way is the way. The ultimate technique is to not have one. If you’re a writer, then why not learn how to master all genres then let everything you’ve learned flow freely into your storytelling?
  5. You are your best teacher. When your heart is on fire with passion, you are the best teacher you could have. Nothing is more dangerous that a heart on fire with passion. Feed your heart with passion, then feed the passion your heart.
  6. Confidence. Ah, who saw this one coming? Anyone who knows anything about Conor knew this would be on the list.
    Law 28 in The 48 Laws of Power says, “Enter Action with Boldness.” Before the fights even take place, Conor has already rattled his opponents with his supreme, towering confidence. It gives him dominace and comfort in the cage. Confidence is one of those little things that packs a profound effect. To find it, you just have to find your niche and work it everyday till you find even yourself impressed with what you’ve done.
  7. Be the best. Why did Conor challenge Floyd you ask? I’d be lying if I said I didn’t think 100 million had anything to do with it–but that’s not it. Conor knows that in order to be the best, he has to beat the best. Now, he didn’t go take over the boxing world like he said, but his head was in the right place. One of the reasons I like rap music is because the genre is considered a “game,” a competition. Everyone’s competing. If you’re gonna do something, why not be the best at what you do?
  8. Ambition. Conor is the epitome of The American Dream. He rose from rags to riches and has no one to thank but himself. He is also the first man to hold UFC titles in two separate weight classes at the same damn time! The guys appetite is insatiable.
    If you want something, take it. Jump in with both feet and put in the work, the time. You know what you need to do, so do it. All you need is you. No excuses.

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