You Motherfuckers are Amazing <3

My initial reason for starting this blog was something like the last gasp of a dying man.
Some empty space inside was growing–a hunger I’d never really payed attention to. I was yearning for some sense of connectedness with another human.

So, 26 blog posts later, here we are. One by one, I read posts by others that were written as if from my own pen. The comments and emails have told me that others have felt the same while reading my own posts.

I hope I can be your lighthouse, much like how you have been mine. If not, then maybe I can at least lend a raft.

I’m just a lost boy throwing a raft to the others. Don’t sink just yet.

Big thanks to each of you 100 people who have taken the time to read, like, comment, email…It really means a lot. And don’t stop posting 🙂





So once again, you motherfuckers are amazing ❤

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