For the Quiet Ones

No one can ever be certain of what someone else is thinking, of what they’re going through, or of how they feel.

I’m in the car on a 16 hr drive to Jacksonville, Fl with my boss on a work/vacation trip. So…figured I’d have a little time for a post 😉

“Quiet people have the loudest minds.”

-Stephen King

For the quiet ones

He’s quiet but

If you could hear his thoughts

You’d go deaf

He’s quiet but

Maybe there’s endless thoughts

And nowhere to start

He’s standoffish but

Maybe he’s afraid to get close

Or simply doesn’t know how

Maybe she doesn’t have your confidence

Nor your beaming features

She may not fit in but

She doesn’t look as small as she feels

And some parts of herself

She’s afraid to reveal

Who knows what news she’s been told

Or why she feels the way she does

Not your or me

She doesn’t talk–so what?

He’s quiet in class but

It doesn’t mean he doesn’t want friends

Maybe he’s never learned how

It may seem like arrogance but

Maybe there’s a hollowness inside

Made by insecurities

Eating him alive

He doesn’t say much but

Maybe he sees too much and

Maybe it leaves him speechless

“There’s this constant whirlwind of motion and sound all around, then there’s the quiet one, the eye of the storm.”

-Amy Efaw, After

Thanks for reading!!!!!!! 😊



8 thoughts on “For the Quiet Ones”

  1. those night i don’t want to come but i know what you’re trying to say, it lets out so much emotions. and that emotions we turn into words just keep flowing. nice post btw.

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  2. some nights i feel like the silence is so deafening. the feeling of emptiness feels so heavy. and i have this whirlpool of thoughts, bothering me mostly at night. i can’t tell what’s going on in my head, but music helps. :–)

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    1. Nights like that can be the worst. Knowing they’re coming is such a dreadful feeling. Music does help, especially music that helps u better understand what’s going on inside.
      Then again, those nights can inspire our more creative selves. I’m sure u know that though 🙂

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