You don’t get me High anymore

Addiction- The state of being enslaved to a habit or practice or to something that is psychologically or physically habit-forming–as narcotics–to such an extent that its cessation causes severe trauma.
Habitual psychological and physiological dependence on a substance or practice beyond one’s voluntary control.


Are we all addicted to something?

Disclaimer: I’m not saying we are.

Think about your day-to-day. Sure, we all have our daily rituals–but that’s not what I’m talking about. Do you have any specific habits/activities you feel like you can’t quite live or function without? Not literally, of course. But we’ve all heard someone admittingly say, “I’m addicted to…”

When we hear “addiction,” we think drugs, alcohol, cigarettes. Maybe we think of sex addicts or gambling addicts. There are, however, more innocent and acceptable forms. Allow me to explain:

  1. Everyday, my mother has to get a large sweet tea from Chic-fil-a with light ice and a cup of ice on the side. Every. Day.
  2. My father is enwrapped in his work 24/7, continuously chasing promotions and higher pay.
  3. My little brother has an incredible obsession with video games. There are no words.

A few others:

  • Coffee (one of my own)
  • Exercise (runner’s high is real)
  • Internet (by far one of America’s most common)
  • Shopaholics.When impulse shopping becomes compulsive. When you buy things you don’t need and experience a rush followed by guilt. When you rack up a steady bill, max out cards yet still feel the need to buy more.
  • Eating (another one America’s most common–and most excused)
  • Love



So, how and why did such devotion toward our interests become deemed as “addictions”?

Anne Wilson Schaef stated in her book, When Society Becomes an Addict, that life in the US is so stressful that it is impossible not to become addicted to something, and that our society not only encourages it, but almost demands it. Schaef says that some addictions, such as workaholism, are actually applauded–while others, such as nicotine and food addiction, are simply tolerated.

I myself have an addiction. Addictions. A very addictive personality and a problem with moderation. I have some of those innocent “addictions,” then I have some of the more harmful ones.

Honestly, I think “addiction” is an unnecessary term used to describe the guilty feelings we experience from over-indulging in something we love.


And as we all know, with every addiction comes tolerance. I’m not sure about you all, but with time and use, almost all of my abused interests wither to a near-useless state.

Just remember:

“We all get addicted to something that takes away the pain.”



2 thoughts on “You don’t get me High anymore”

  1. Pretty powerful. Kinda puts all the “holier then thou” folks on the same playing field. Or the ones that say “not this family”. We do ,indeed, all have our vices and how we handle it, or accept it, is what defines our character. Always a thought provoking read…

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  2. I love this. I also think cannabis is widely misused. Yes, it’s a powerful plant medicine… but when people get stoned ALL day long for months straight I think it can mess with their sense of reality a wee bit hehe I notice this in my friends who complain about feeling “crazy.” I ask them to take a break and they say they don’t need it. Or they say “I’m not addicted…I can stop whenever I want!” I ask them “What about now?” and ALWAYS their reply “I don’t want to” LOL

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