Never Letting Go Of Suburbia


“There’s so much history in these streets
Mama’s good eats, Oh Wonder on repeat
So much history in my head
People I’ve left, ones that I’ve kept”

Troye Sivan, Suburbia

My whole life, I’ve grown up in suburban neighborhoods
Where neighbors are close and wave while mowing their lawns
While crushes giggle, holding hands on car hoods
And we run off the buses, excited to see our moms

We would play hockey with friends in those neighborhood streets
Water slides and water hoses in the great summer heat
Hearing Mom shout from the door, “It’s time to eat!”
Nothing will ever make me feel quite like those memories


My pretty lil ol’ Mama 🙂

Remember What’s Important.

“Have you heard me on the radio?
Did you turn it up?
On your blown out stereo
In Suburbia?”

The older I get, the more relationships I watch fade, and the more I realize how important family is. The more I look forward to the holidays just so I can buy a plane ticket and hangout for hours at a layover. So I can spend more hours on a red eye flight, wide awake with excitement to get to a home so far from “home.” The more I appreciate all our bike rides and trips to the grocery stores.

Because it’s then that I remember what’s important. What’s actually important



“Could be playing hide and seek from home
Can’t replace my blood
Yeah it seems I’m never letting go
Of Suburbia.”


What would you be without family?
Personally, I shudder at my own answer.

Thanks for reading!




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