Being Human

“In everything that’s happening in the world, being a human is the hardest thing to be.”

Monster – Any animal or human grotesquely deviating from the normal behavior, shape, character.

Hello peoples. So, again, I’d like to apologize for my lacking presence on WordPress, though I’m sure no one’s noticed, and that’s cool too. This whole self-publishing-a-book-thing doesn’t seem to wanna share me. On the plus side, I’m on my final rewrite and edit, and the book’ll be available (hopefully) for pre-order soon 🙂

Annnnddd onto the post.

From time-to-time, I’ll do things that make me wonder if I’m actually from some unknown planet in a galaxy far, far away.
Allow me to share some examples:

  • Sometimes I go to the mall just to sit alone watching people interact while I hangout taking notes.
  • Sometimes I ask people bizarre, irrelevant questions just to see how they react.
  • And recently, I’ve been asking Google a lot of weird questions like “How do I be normal?” or “How do I be human?” I mean, seriously, what the hell? And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

So please, allow me to pull from my own research I’ve conducted on the human species and see if I can’t help you to blend in a little better 🙂

  1. No pain, no gain.
    Gah, such a corny, cliche little phrase, isn’t it? It is…but it’s also very true.
    Humans have to endure. Period. Come hell or high water, humans have to endure. What other option is there? Whatever pain we feel today can only better prepare us for the pain that is to come tomorrow. As squishy, fragile little beings, we endure to become resilient, building callouses on our bodies as well as our minds. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger 😉
  2. Live and learn. It’s rare to see anything happen perfectly on try number one. Stay persistent.
    “Life will beat you to your knees and keep you there if you let it.”
    Who said that? Come on, anybody? Fine. Rocky.
    Mistakes will be made, feelings will be hurt, and knees will be scraped–but with every scar, hopefully we learn a little more.
  3. “Sometimes goodbye is a second chance.”
    Shinedown couldn’t have said it better. It’s so natural to build connections and it’s so natural to fight change, but if we never let go, how do we know what’s on the other side? Sometimes it’s an entirely different world and a completely better life. When one door closes, another opens.
    Second Chance by Shinedown is a very moving song just incase you were wondering…Moving on then…
  4. You are the architect of your life.
    Everything you’ve done in life has led you to this very moment. Every action and consequence like a set of dominos all colliding into one another. This is your life, your freedom. Do with it what you will, but know everyday you have choices. You have options. Smile. Dream. Be impulsive. Choose to live.
  5. Cultivate relationships.
    “Man is by nature a social animal; an individual who is unsocial naturally and not accidentally is either beneath our notice or more than human.”
    I have trouble here, and I understand others do too, but we should all still at least try to connect. And when you do find a relationship you like–friendly or romantic–do what you can to keep it. Nurture it. You never know what you got till it’s gone.
    Jesus, I am on a roll with the corny phrases today.
  6. Love and be loved.
    I’m not sure a description is necessary here. If you’re a human reading this–and I hope you are–, you know the importance and significance of love. Of having someone to care for you and of having someone to care for. The depth, the purpose, the connection. After all, it’s what makes the world go round. Or is that money? Love of money? I don’t know. I’ve spent too much time inside today.

My list is kind of short, but what you have to know is this: I’m no more human than the electronic device you’re currently using to read this. Hell, Siri is more human than me. Because of this, I don’t think I’m the best person to be giving you advice on the subject. I think the video below will be of more use.

Thanks for reading everyone. Hopefully I at least pointed you in the right direction. If not, then go stalk people and ask Google some weird questions.

Ultimately, just remember, we’re all human, and nowhere in the Dictionary definition of a human being does it ever mention that we are a species that suffers from the tragedy of perfection.

Also, if you haven’t already, do checkout my post To Mystery Thriller Fans for a description and cover of the book I’m writing. Thanks 🙂




P.S. Photo cred for the featured image goes my Mother. Eh, right place, right time. Psh whatevs. *eyeroll

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