The Killer in me is the Killer in You

How many colors on my canvas do I share with the one person I fear becoming the most?

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This is all I have.

Fiction: 1. the class of literature comprising works of imaginative narration,especially in prose form. 2. works of this class, as novels or short stories: detective fiction. 3. something feigned, invented, or imagined; a made-up story: We've all heard the fiction of her being in delicate health. 4. the act of feigning, inventing, or imagining. 5. an imaginary thing or event, postulated for the purposes of argument or explanation. 6. an allegation that a fact exists that is known not to exist, made by authority of law to bring a case within the operation of a rule of law. "In the back of my mind, thinking, 'Am I wasting my time dreaming?' And I ain't got no money in my wallet, but I guarantee there ain't no way that I am going to leave this, cause I need this." -NF,… Continue reading This is all I have.


My Dark Passenger

Shadow Aspect - Unconscious aspects of the personality which the conscious ego does not identify in itself. The "shadow" is the dark side. "To know one's self, one must accept one's dark side." --Young-Eisendrath, P. and Dawson, T. Not the brightest of light could chase it away--this shadow inside. No matter what I do, no matter… Continue reading My Dark Passenger


Why You Might Feel Like You Don’t Belong

You are not alone. Belong: have the proper qualifications, especially social qualifications, to be a member of a group 2. to be proper or due; be properly or appropriately placed, situated,etc. If there's one thing all humans have in common, it's the innate desire to want to fit in, to be accepted, to belong. It's a natural crave, yes, but sometimes appeasing that crave doesn't always come naturally. For whatever reason, maybe you can't quite find where you… Continue reading Why You Might Feel Like You Don’t Belong


Walk on Water

Too many of us spend our time on everyone else, living our lives for everyone but ourselves. We do it so much that we don't even realize it. But it's like living for everyone else is all we know, so we brush it off and think of it as okay. But it's not okay. Hip-Hop… Continue reading Walk on Water

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#amwriting next mystery novel: “The Killed Conscience”

Hey, you live and you learn, right? If you don't fall down, you're not trying hard enough. I spent four years writing, scrapping, and rewriting my first novel before I felt I had a good enough grasp of the craft. I knew I was getting better because I kept seeing my writing from a week… Continue reading #amwriting next mystery novel: “The Killed Conscience”