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#amwriting next mystery novel: “The Killed Conscience”

Hey, you live and you learn, right? If you don’t fall down, you’re not trying hard enough.

I spent four years writing, scrapping, and rewriting my first novel before I felt I had a good enough grasp of the craft. I knew I was getting better because I kept seeing my writing from a week before as shit. Ultimately, I scrapped the whole thing and moved on.

move on

Seven months later, I spit out my first crime novel,Β The Author.Β I was genuinely so proud of it. My name may not be on billboards, but I knew it wouldn’t be. Like I told James, it was just a stepping stone–a foundation upon which I can build something greater.

The Future.

I’ve laid out plans for at least five more novels–all of which I intend to write and put out consecutively. I’m hoping to have at least two series.

My next project is a mystery thriller called “The Killed Conscience.”

Brief Description.

After years apart, childhood best friends Emily, Sebastian and Casey get together with their significant others for a couple’s retreat in a cabin rental tucked away in the Smoky Mountains, just beyond Gatlinburg. When a body is discovered not far from their cabin, showing signatures of a recently-convicted killer, the entire country is brought to a stand-still as everyone is left wondering if there’s a copycat on the loose, or if the real killer was ever even caught.

Am I motivated, or just flat out bat shit crazy? Does it have to be one or the other? It was supposedly Albert Einstein that said “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.”

So, am I wasting my time dreaming? Maybe. But I know I’ll never have any answers if I don’t keep going. With each book, I know I’ll get better.


8 thoughts on “#amwriting next mystery novel: “The Killed Conscience””

  1. Give it a try and good luck with your book! If you need reading inspiration, Louise Penny is one of my FAVORITE mystery writers. When you read a lot of mysteries, they tend to become predictable. However, I’ve NEVER been able to predict where Louise Penny’s characters will lead me. Love that!!!

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