Walk on Water

Too many of us spend our time on everyone else, living our lives for everyone but ourselves. We do it so much that we don’t even realize it. But it’s like living for everyone else is all we know, so we brush it off and think of it as okay. But it’s not okay.

Hip-Hop artist Eminem (Marshall Mathers) recently released a single off his upcoming album “Revival,” and while many may not be fully embracing this newer, sentimental side of him, I think this is one of his best songs he’s put out. In the song, Eminem vents his insecurities about how he keeps letting down his fans because he can’t be who he used to be. While the song is a little sad, I think it beautifully illustrates the growing maturity of a man as he accepts the way things are.

walk on water


Expectations are everywhere. And expectations are fueled by consistent judgement.

Today, you’d have to search far and wide to find a place without expectations; without judgement.

“I walk on water, but I ain’t no Jesus. I walk on water, but only when it freezes.”

From a young age, we’re all taught to obey such strict, tedious rules to help us conform to the society that surrounds us. We’re taught and expected to do well all throughout school–making A’s or B’s if not the top 5 % of our class. We’re expected to make it into a University to pursue our “dreams,” which sometimes feel more like influenced thoughts. We’re expected to graduate, get a high-paying 9-5, find a significant other, move into a big pretty house, have kids, retire early and die old.

We’re expected to do all this, and for what? Are our lives even really our lives?

And these expectations, they’re everywhere: Parents, bosses, coaches; hell, even in relationships.

But, like the song says, we’re only human. I, for one, know I’m always terrified of letting others down. Maybe that’s why I always leave. Maybe that’s why I avoid potential expectations altogether. As humans, we’re flawed. Some of us more than others. No one’s perfect. As Eminem said, “It’s true, I’m a rubiks. A beautiful mess.”

Live by your own expectations–not every else’s. It’s your life. You can’t please everyone.

“Cause I’m only human, just like you. Been making my mistakes, oh, if you only knew. I don’t think you should believe in me the way that you do, cause I’m terrified to let you down.”

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