With You, I Feel Again

When she's not around, he'll grin at the sight of her loose hairs on his bed; his heart melts when reading her handwritten notes; he reminisces, and maybe a bit too much, but the memories drown him.


A shoutout to a few Bloggers

There are too many bloggers--if you can call them that--out there that get so much credit for "blog posts" that could very well be confused with twitter updates. It's ridiculous. A lot of people actually put their heart and soul into writing their posts, even though they don't have to, and even though they already… Continue reading A shoutout to a few Bloggers


Nostalgia Pt. 2

Life is how it is, and there's no changing that. It comes, and it goes. Along with it, moments come, and moments pass. But these moments, they don't ever truly die--not so long as someone is there to remember them. Through this graveyard of memories is our only real way to access our past. And… Continue reading Nostalgia Pt. 2


My Love for Fiction

When real life isn't enough, I retreat to the world of fiction. I grab a book. My pad and pen. Fingers in their fixed positions across the keyboard. I close my eyes and drift. I imagine. Create. I type. Relentless. This is all I have. I remember my first novel. It was a horror novel… Continue reading My Love for Fiction


Never Forget

Nothing lasts forever--but that doesn't mean you have to forget. Never Forget... The way you hunted me down on social media and how we couldn't stop messaging each other on every single one of them: Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Text.... We still do that. How nervous we both were on that first lunch. But we clicked… Continue reading Never Forget


If I Die Before I Wake

Life is so fragile, so fleeting. Every breath has the potential to be our last. Did I Live? How many days did I waste as I too withered away? I see all the missed opportunitiesĀ  flashing before me like a flip-book. I see all the times I was too afraid to jump because of the… Continue reading If I Die Before I Wake

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Only Fools Fall for You

"Oh, our lives don't collide, and I'm aware of this. We've got differences and impulses, and your obsession with the little things: You like stick, I like aerosol. I don't give a fuck, I'm not giving up, I still want it all. Only fools fall for you." -Troye Sivan, Fools Only fools fall for you… Continue reading Only Fools Fall for You