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Only Fools Fall for You

“Oh, our lives don’t collide, and I’m aware of this. We’ve got differences and impulses, and your obsession with the little things: You like stick, I like aerosol. I don’t give a fuck, I’m not giving up, I still want it all. Only fools fall for you.”

-Troye Sivan, Fools

Only fools fall for you

Too insecure
A jealous hush making love a chore
Nothing’s enough
Always looking for something more

Deprived trust
Thinking you don’t deserve love
Nothing’s enough
Always looking for a pointless fuss

You move too fast
Love too hard
Assuming the feeling’s won’t last
Do you even have a heart?

A time-bomb of constant anger
You’re always so mad
So eager to point a finger
But how many point back?

You think too much
Assumption after assumption
You feel too much
But can never feel my love

You make me feel ugly
At times when you try to love me
I just want you to hug me
No longer do you want me?

I can never do right
So I imagine if I left
Every time I try
You dangle me from a cliff

Maybe you don’t
Love me as much
As I love you
But I won’t let go
You’re all I want
And I just wanted you to know

Only fools fall for me.

(I’m sorry baby. I love you. Forever and always ❤ )

-Jordan Antonacci

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