Never Forget

Nothing lasts forever–but that doesn’t mean you have to forget.


Never Forget…

The way you hunted me down on social media and how we couldn’t stop messaging each other on every single one of them: Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Text…. We still do that.

How nervous we both were on that first lunch. But we clicked the split second you got into the passenger seat. You brought out a side to me I honestly didn’t even know still existed. You still bring it out every time we’re together.

The butterflies of that first kiss. The feelings that lingered from it for days to come.

That first night together, when we stayed out until four in the morning, sliding down the slide at the park, playing the piano in front of the shops, taking selfies and driving through our old neighborhood.

All the mornings waking up to each other. Cuddling through the night and holding each other close. At times, I really did check to see if your toes were under the blankets so the monsters wouldn’t get them.

All the nights of us sneaking into the hot tub at one in the morning even though it was thirty degrees outside. How we’d sit there with each other, playing 21 questions and getting to know one another.

Our first fight. You were so excited by it, like it was some milestone in our relationship. I thought it was adorable. But that was the moment I realized I didn’t ever want to lose you. I came back home and wrote a blog post about you that I’d been thinking about the entire car ride. Ladybugs and Destiny

The first time we played “House.” We had stayed up all night, then once it hit 5 am, we made breakfast and you thought it was the cutest thing.

Our first actual date: I picked you up from work. I had dressed up and you loved it. We drove through that huge neighborhood, looking at all the Christmas lights and got hot chocolate. Then I brought you back to the apartment and cooked for you.

The Christmas present I got you. I made you sit out in the hall while I finished setting everything up. You walked in to “Blue” (our song) playing. The lights were low. On the wall I’d posted pictures of us everywhere. Below it was your Kendra Scott necklace, and a jar filled with all the reasons of why I love you.

Your Christmas present to me. You made me sit in the hall too. I’ve never gotten anything so heartfelt in my life. It’s still on my wall and I don’t know if I can ever take it down…

When you picked me up from the airport after 11 whole days of separation. You were so afraid I’d lose feelings for you. You actually came to the gate and waited for me then gave me the biggest smile and hug I’d ever gotten.

The first time I met your kids. We all chased each other down the hall on the way to take out the trash, then laid down watching movies and cartoons. I bought sippie cups for them and Lala wouldn’t stop telling me how I was her favorite person. After that we went to Steak and Shake and everything just felt so right. It all felt so perfect and I didn’t want to let any of it go. Still don’t.

Never forget all our pet names. Wife, baby mama, sugar mama, pumpkin butt…
Never forget the way I helped fuel your fast food addiction.
Never forget our first and only trip to the gym.
Never forget the first time I told you I love you.
Never forget all of our late nights and early mornings in the sheets.
Never forget all of our lunches together.
Never forget all of our fantasies for the future.
Never forget the way that you’ve changed me. Brought me to life. Made me real.

Never forget the way I gave my all for you. The way I’ve tried so hard. I know you’re dealing with some stuff baby girl, but never forget the best of us. Never forget why we started and why we’ve made it this far. Never forget how you felt for me. You said you’ve never felt for anyone like you have for me. Never forget why.

Never forget me.

I love you.


14 thoughts on “Never Forget”

  1. By Dar this is my favorite post you have ever written… I love you so much and I am going through so much but you have been with me through every step… I am so thankful for everything you do and have done for me baby you mean the world to me and everything will work out.

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