My Love for Fiction

When real life isn’t enough, I retreat to the world of fiction.
I grab a book.
My pad and pen.
Fingers in their fixed positions across the keyboard.
I close my eyes and drift.
I imagine. Create.
I type. Relentless.
This is all I have.


I remember my first novel. It was a horror novel by R.L. Stine, called BAD DREAMS. I was maybe eight when I was sitting in my bedroom alone, reading through the book, and finding myself to be both terrified and amazed at the same time. The words–they initiated some sequence of images in my head that played just like a movie, only better, cause they were my own thoughts. I hadn’t ever experienced anything like that. It was like some kind of lucid dreaming. I recall being so mesmerized by the fact that it was simple words alone that were triggering such a response inside of me. I loved it–being so scared of letters on a page. From that moment on, I knew I needed that power. I knew I’d do whatever it takes, and work as long as I needed to refine and harness that ability.

So, here I am, fifteen years later, still refining…. Will I ever be as good as I dream of being? Doubtful. But I still don’t plan on ever stopping.


A book description for my mystery novel.

THE KILLED CONSCIENCE Novel description:

Having just recently landed her dream job as an investigative journalist, an ambitious Emilee Weathers is eager to prove she was what it takes to be successful in the career she’s chosen. All she needs is the right story. And with a single phone call from a detective in her hometown, Knoxville, Tennessee, the right story basically comes knocking at her door.

Detective Nichols asks if Emilee would be willing to help assist him with a case of his that’s about to be reopened. Five years back, a murderer known as the Valentine’s Day Killer was arrested and convicted for the murders of three young women, and maybe more. It all seemed to be over…until VDK was granted an appeal. Suddenly, there’s a possibility he’ll be set free, and Detective Nichols needs Emilee to help him find evidence to keep the serial killer locked away. Emilee is quick to agree, but not before acknowledging that there’s a few unanswered questions lurking behind her–like why her?

Taking advantage of being home, Emilee reconnects with some old friends during a couples retreat at a cabin in the Smoky Mountains. But their trip quickly falls apart when Emilee stumbles over a dead body in the woods not far from their cabin. With the body showing signatures of all previously-known VDK victims, Emilee puts it upon herself to address yet another unanswered question: Was this recent victim killed at the hands of a copycat? Or was the real VDK never even captured?

Everything will get a lot murkier before it clears.


I’m currently planning edits for a second draft; if you’d like to beta read, please email me at


-Jordan Antonacci


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