Nostalgia Pt. 2

Life is how it is, and there’s no changing that. It comes, and it goes. Along with it, moments come, and moments pass. But these moments, they don’t ever truly die–not so long as someone is there to remember them. Through this graveyard of memories is our only real way to access our past. And sometimes, the past is all we have… So remember.


I made a post not long ago called Nostalgia. If you haven’t read it, then feel free to check it out here 🙂

It sucks when a special moment passes; especially when it’s a moment dear to us that we just want to hold onto till our last breath. What makes it all the worse is when we realize that those moments will never come again, and will never again be recaptured. We’ll spend our lives trying to recreate that special once upon a time…but we can never quite get it. So we fall harder with each failed attempt; as we come to terms with the fact that the moment that was, simply is no more. Sometimes, all we can really do is reminisce. It’s the closest to the past as we can get.

“Take me back to the basics and a simple life
Tell me all of the things that make you feel at ease
Your touch–my comfort and my lullaby
Holding on tight, and sleeping at night”

-Troye Sivan, Ease

I Miss…

Summer afternoons on Grandma’s front porch. She’d water her flowers and smoke a cigarettee. I knew those days, I couldn’t ever dream of more. I knew those days, I couldn’t ever forget.

When being happy came with ease. Afternoons at the park in the spring breeze. Just my mom, my brother and me. Nowadays, I seem too difficult to ever truly please. To those that try, I’m sorry.

My very first crush. First touch. Oh, what puppy love. But what a rush for someone so young.

Elementary school–I was short, not tall. Me and my classmates walked a straight line. Lingering scent of cafeteria food filling the halls. On our way outside for that sacred recess time. The song of joyous screams. Kickball in the field and flying the highest on the swings. For thirty minutes, we were free. On that playground, we were whatever we could dream.

Bunk beds with my brother. When my mother would come in and tuck us under the covers. She’d kiss me on my head just before I drifted into a deep and dark slumber. But not before I told her I loved her.

When I was so carefree. So unafraid to just let go and be me. When I didn’t know how the world and the people in it could really be. When the sight of my young eyes was too limited to really see.

Super Mario Bros on my Nintendo DS. Stupid scary stories on nights that were sleepless. Those were times when I could rest my head without regrets, and wake up the next day to a life without so much BS.

I miss those quiet suburban streets. A house full of family and my mama’s good eats. When I never cared about the news feed and Trump’s fucking tweets. And the only thing on the TV was Disney and Tom and Jerry.

It sucks when a special moment passes. What makes it worse is when we realize those moments will never come again. Sometimes, all we can do is reminisce. It’s the closest to the past as we can get.

Thanks for reading!

-Jordan Antonacci

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