The Rainbow After The Storm

For the first time in what's felt like ages, the smoke-like grey clouds have begun to part, and rays of light have started to beam through. And in that mix of rain and light, I see a rainbow. The clouds aren't completely gone, and the rain is still coming down, but the light is signaling… Continue reading The Rainbow After The Storm

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Purge Your Life

From time to time, us humans, we mess up. Maybe it's not even us; maybe it's just that we're cursed and followed by a black cloud of bad luck. Maybe we're just constantly harassed by some miserable $&@! who only wants to make us feel like them. Regardless, for whatever reason, we find ourselves looking… Continue reading Purge Your Life

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All we had is gone now.

"I remember years ago, someone told me I should take caution when it comes to love. I did." Let's be honest I was never what you really wanted. You never loved me the way that I loved you. Did you even cry remembering our shared time? Foreshadowing our lives? Everything left behind? Did you even… Continue reading All we had is gone now.

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I’ll Be A Killer Whale When I Grow Up

When I look into the mirror, my reflection-- it's no longer me. My thoughts no longer sound like mine. There's something ugly that's happening inside. More malignant than a cancer. More malicious than a monster. And with the hunger of a thousand starving lions. A feeling like when a star explodes and turns into a… Continue reading I’ll Be A Killer Whale When I Grow Up


I Fall Apart

How can something that begins so beautifully suddenly end in such chaos? If you've been following me on here for awhile, then chances are you've followed my transition from a boy who didn't believe in love to a boy who was drowning in it. It's been a long road--smooth at some points, bumpy at others--,… Continue reading I Fall Apart

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What it’s like like this

We can't walk in each other's shoes. If you're not that person, then you can never fully understand. With that being said, if you don't suffer from depression (or any other mental illness), then you can never truly understand what it's like. You can never understand what's going on inside someone with a mental illness--how… Continue reading What it’s like like this