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All I See Are Green Lights

“Build me up and break me down–whatever it takes. Coz I love the adrenaline in my veins. I’ll do whatever it takes, coz I love how it feels when I break the chains. Take me to the top, I’m ready for whatever it takes.”

Imagine Dragons, Whatever It Takes


From what I’ve learned on this venture through the world, all we really have in life are our dreams. They’re the only things that keep us constantly looking ahead to the future, no matter what mayhem the present holds. They’re the only things that truly keep life filling–because let’s face it: life on its own isn’t always enough. We as people are always looking for a little more; we all have our extracurricular activities and our fixes… Mine?Dreaming to the point of sleepwalking through life–something referred to as Maladaptive Daydreaming

I love my dreams–though sometimes they don’t love me back. I’ve spent the majority of my life chasing them and they just keep running. (They’re pretty good at it too. Must do lots of cardio in their downtime.) Every so often, a red light will appear. When it does, I don’t stop. I don’t slow down. There’s no way I can even think about ever doing such. And neither should anyone else.


Listen to this cliche saying and follow your dreams. Follow them like a stalker. Chase them. But be weary when those red lights appear. Crossing through them without looking can leave you black, blue, cut and bruised. Chasing your dreams is something that’ll leave you alone on the icy ground, twisted and desperate–but if you want it bad enough, you’ll get back up and limp yourself onward. Dreams are ruthless like that. They’re merciless and cold. They’ll laugh in your face when you’ve fallen and are ready to give up…but on the other hand, should you catch them, they’re a reward unlike any other. They’ll open doors to new worlds and pave way to the greatest life you can live.

Or so I’ve been told. Or maybe that’s why they’re called “dreams.”

What are my own dreams? As many of you already know, I’m in the process of dying to be a published author. I’ve written three novels: one collects dust on my laptop, one collects dust on Amazon, and the other is being filtered through a third draft. I’ve had a few amazing beta readers helping me out and it’s been quite the journey. I’ve never felt so optimistic, but at the same time I know to always prepare for the worst.


Regardless of what happens, I’ll continue chasing till my legs don’t work anymore. Then I’ll crawl till my limbs fall limp and my lungs give out. All I know is that I’ve never wanted anything so bad, and it’s driving me mad.

If you have a dream, follow it till you can catch it and turn it into a reality. Make it an obsession, as I clearly have. Never slow down, and definitely never stop for any red lights. This is your one life; your one shot. Make it count. Do whatever it takes.


Thanks for reading, everyone, and I hope you liked it. Happy Friday Eve by the way 🙂

-Jordan Antonacci
Twitter: @misterhushhush


8 thoughts on “All I See Are Green Lights”

  1. I’m the opposite of a dreamer. Sadly my young life squashed this lovely attribute right out of me.
    What’s the worst,thing that can happen to a person? They lose the ability to dream.
    Lovely encouraging post about a lifestyle that perpetuates hope and motivation. 🙂


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