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My Family, My Home


There’s only one place
where I’m able to feel
Only one place
where I’m not wooden, but real
This is a place
I race to go
This place’s name
is home

I miss waking up
way before the sun
I’d sit downstairs and wait
for my mother’s love
She’d make breakfast
Enough for my brothers
There’s never been a love
quite like my mother’s

California weather
doesn’t get much better
A breeze in the palm trees
A Frisbee on the beach
Up and down suburban streets
My brother and I ride
Eager to look and see
The pretty girls that wave hi

At the day’s end
the true joy begins
When we’re all inside to stay
huddled around the fireplace
Comedy shows on the television
Dinner in the kitchen
These are the things that lately
I’ve been missing
even more as I grow older
I find myself
My family, my home
are everything to me.

Hi everyone! I hope you’re enjoying my posts. If this is your first time stopping by the blog, then I hope you’ll scroll through my other posts and give a few a read. Also, I’ve updated my ABOUT ME PAGE so go ahead and check that out if you’d like to get to know me better.

Thanks for reading!

-Jordan Antonacci
Twitter: @misterhushhush




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