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It’s Time to Begin

Four-and-a-half long, dark and cold months later, and I’ve spit out the third draft of my upcoming mystery novel, The Killed Conscience.


Book blurb:

Still at the beginning of her career, investigative journalist Emilee Weathers is eager for a name and hungry for the perfect story, no matter how she has to get it. When a detective, Nichols, calls asking Emilee to assist him in finding new evidence for a convicted serial killer’s appeal, it seems the perfect story has come knocking at her door.

But not long after arriving to the mountain town of Pigeon Forge, Emilee discovers the body of another, more recent victim. With the body showing signatures of the already-convicted serial killer, Emilee is left wondering if she’s happened upon the work of a copycat, or if the real killer was ever even caught. The more she looks though, the murkier everything becomes. The police begin withholding information and the killer seems capable of going any length to protect his identity. On top of it all, when her investigations uncover the buried secrets of those closest to her, Emilee questions who it is she can and can’t trust in those mountains, if anyone at all.


I’ve had a handful of extremely helpful betareaders give the book a read. I’ve taken each of their feedback and made adjustments as necessary to the writing–and I believe what I have now is a beautifully polished MS. I can almost see my reflection in it. But, is it enough?

I don’t know. As the writer, I’m too close to all of this madness. However, I can always use another pair of eyes to go over everything.

If you’d like to give the manuscript a read for betareading or reviewing purposes, you can either comment below or email me at

Also, let me know what you think of the book blurb. I fear it may be a bit lengthy.

I’m also approaching the lingering question that’s been on my mind since–well, birth, basically: To traditionally or self-publish? My first trip with self-publishing taught me a lot, but if I go that route, I’m going to need a lot of help: reviewers, bloggers, blog tours, etc. If any of you reading would be interested/ know anyone who would be interested, do let me know.

Thanks for reading! Hope to hear from a few of you soon 🙂

-Jordan Antonacci
Twitter: @misterhushhush

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