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With or without you.


So done with the same thing
Back and forth
All the games

So done with the same day
It’s on repeat
Everything’s the same

All I want
is happiness and rest
All I need
is you and me

But this has been
beating me to death
And I’m hanging in
But only by a thread

Why can’t you
just please commit
before I commit
to “The end”?

The sunrise paves way to a new day
but I’ve seen this day before
Still, I pray for something to change
Coz I can’t take it anymore

I wanna stay, wanna leave
Girl, can’t you see that I’m torn?
You just walk away and leave me to bleed
to bleed on the cold hard floor

I’m exhausted and I just want it to end
This chase is too fucking relentless
Baby, I’m going to live my life
with or without you in it.

“Through the storm, we reach the shore.
You give it all, but I want more.
And I’m waiting for you,
with or without you.”

U2, With or Without You

Can anyone relate?

Thanks for reading πŸ™‚

-Jordan Antonacci
Twitter: @misterhushhush

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