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Who is Mr. Hush?

Almost a year ago, I was trapped in a place in life where I was completely closed off from everyone and the world around me. There was so much I’d been keeping bottled inside for so long that it was rotting me from the inside out. I needed to do something to get all that bad stuff out.

The need to reach out and vent quickly landed me at WordPress. But my desire to spill my guts gave me a sense of vulnerability I wasn’t comfortable with. So to make it easier, I created a mask; a character which housed all my darker and more vulnerable aspects.

Eventually, after venting, I found others related to me more then I could’ve ever imagined. So I stepped from behind the safety of my mask.

But still, who exactly is this character?

Who is Mr. Hush?

Who is Mr. Hush?
What is it that he wants?
What is it that he needs?
What is it that he craves?

Is he a human or a creature?
Something lurking beneath your bed?
The dark within the danger?
A figment of your imagination?

Is he the terror of a nightmare?
Shrieking in the dark?
A howl through the trees?
The shatter of a heart?

The ugliest truth
The most beautiful lie
The worst part of you
that you can’t deny

He is the secrets that you keep
The insecurities you want no one to see
He’s everything that makes you bleed
and the guilty pleasures upon which you feed


But he’s also the raft
when life threatens to drown
Or a seldom faint laugh
when all you’ve known is a frown

He’s the lamp in a dark room
you never knew was there
A light against the doom
and someone there to care

Because he too knows
how it feels to be alone
How it feels to be miles away
even in a place called “Home.”

If you really want,
just look in the mirror
because Mr. Hush
is all of us

Thanks for reading 🙂

-Jordan Antonacci
Twitter: @misterhushhush

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