“If you want to be an artist, if you want it more than anything else in this world, then you have to spend a lot of time alone.” - Cristian Mihai Being someone who thrives in solitude, I have to say that this post is extremely accurate and paints a vivid picture of the beauty… Continue reading Solitude

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Numb to the Feeling

    My tolerance is going up and I'm getting numb to the feeling I've been abusing drugs and I'm getting numb to the feeling I need you to show me love coz I'm getting numb to the feeling I need you to ride me harder when we fuck coz I'm getting numb to the… Continue reading Numb to the Feeling


Get Your Shit Together

Your life is a wreck. Who's fault is that? Too many people seem to be living life like they're going to live forever. Like they have all the time in the world tucked safely into their pocket and life is just some video game they have all the cheats to. So I hate to be… Continue reading Get Your Shit Together


Birds seen flying around

"Birds seen flying around. You never see them too long on the ground; you wanna be one of them. You might hear the birds singing flying around. You never see them too long on the ground; you wanna be one of them." Sometimes I look around and think about how much I don't want to… Continue reading Birds seen flying around



Day after day, each and every one of us has to deal with pressure. Right? I mean--unless you're held up in a mansion on a tropical island with money shooting out of your ass, chances are you feel pressure. It's a part of life as common and necessary as every gulp of water and every… Continue reading Pressure.


When Life Gets Good

Hi peoples, After my last post, Black Ink and Dark Writing, I began thinking long and hard about a happy post I could write. It wasn't that I had decided to listen to those little voices--it was just that I knew my life wasn't strictly confined to the dark topics I wrote about. And you… Continue reading When Life Gets Good


Black Ink and Dark Writing

This isn't much of a blog post. Honestly, it's more of an explanation I feel I need to get off my chest. Throughout my 10 months of blogging, I've been told more times than I can remember that my writing is too dark. It's too sad, angry, scary, and twisted. I've been told these things… Continue reading Black Ink and Dark Writing


“You have no reason to be depressed.”

Depression isn't something that comes and goes. It isn't something that visits a few selected people who fall under a certain criteria. Depression is an illness. Like with most illnesses, many are vulnerable. Depression is like some parasitic leech that takes everything and gives nothing. It'll lie dormant, letting you think it's gone, then resurface… Continue reading “You have no reason to be depressed.”