Birds seen flying around

“Birds seen flying around. You never see them too long on the ground; you wanna be one of them. You might hear the birds singing flying around. You never see them too long on the ground; you wanna be one of them.”

Sometimes I look around and think about how much I don’t want to be here.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. But I’m not talking about death in any way. Sometimes I just feel like there should be something more. When everything seems to be falling apart on top of my head and I’m struggling to hold it up, the days can get pretty dark, and exhausting. It’s then that I take a step back and look at the world–how it is and how we’ve made it–, and I think, I didn’t ask for this.

Life is a gift I can never repay. One with too many ties, too many promises I can’t make and too many responsibilities I can’t take. It’s like when you’re unexpectedly given a pet fish you didn’t ask for. It was a gift, so you feel obligated to feed it and keep it alive–but at the same time, you don’t want to. The fish dies rather quickly because it came with too many responsibilities you just didn’t ask for.

But then I go outside. I take a solo stroll in a place where the trees are tall and nature sings with life. It’s there that I find clarity. It’s there that I understand what’s pure. What matters. It’s there that I see the animals and the birds. They soar high above the trees and high above me. With their wings spread and flapping, they chase each other through branches and leaves. Occasionally, they’ll swoop down and land in a tree. Every so often, they’ll land on the ground, and I wonder why.

I’m probably about to sound really stupid. Bear with me. Get it? Haha…no? Okay. (That wasn’t even the stupid part.)

I understand humans are the most advanced species on Earth and I should be proud to be human (I am), but none know freedom like animals. Like birds. Sometimes I just wish to be free from the man-made responsibilities of life: the bills, deadlines, late fees, taxes, appointments, work…


I wish to be free. Free like a bird. With the clear sky as my home and the Earth beneath my open wings. This doesn’t mean I’m about to strip off my clothes and run naked through the woods like the guy in The Animal. I’ll save that for my midlife crisis.

All of this is just a byproduct of my overthinking and stress.

Anybody feel the same?

Hi peoples! Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoyed this post. I wrote it during some breaks at work today when I was feeling a little trapped–Mondays, right? Anyway, hope you all had a great start to your week! Who’s already looking forward to the weekend?


Jordan Antonacci
Twitter: @misterhushhush


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