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The Perfect Girl

The perfect girl
The perfect girl
May she only exist
in my dream world

I’ll never see her
Never meet her
She’ll always remain
some fictional creature

Or so I thought…

I smelled you first
before I saw you

You carried a stack
of books in your hands
A few paperbacks
James Patterson

You walked right past
Not a glance my way
Then you sat
a few tables away

As you read
I decided to write
but I just couldn’t get
you out of my mind

Your long brunette hair
hanging just past your shoulders
Natural and fair
I thought, I need to know her

Then finally, our
eyes locked
A shy smile
A need to talk

After that, you then
came to sit close
Hours of conversation
about books and poems
About places we
wanted to go
And in that moment, I
knew I couldn’t let go

The hour grew late
and you had to get home
But I just wanted you to stay
so I pulled out my phone
I asked you on a date
and you said “Yes”
with a blush in your face
I’ll never forget

I picked you up
A connection and a rush
Deep inside, a fear
of falling in love

We drove to the park
ate by the water
Opened to me, your heart
and every falter was art

Rarely did we fight
A few bickers, yes
But we’d always make it right
before going to bed

You understood me
Frustrating ways I may be
All my insecurities
and the way I overthink
Instead of getting mad
You put my mind at ease
Love and trust
Please don’t ever leave

But then one night
before we kissed
Everything in sight
began to slip

The whole Earth
began to fade
Like smoke in the wind
it blew away
It only got worse
coz you too babe
were replaced with hurt
when I began to wake

I looked around
Felt my heart scream
when you couldn’t be found
in my reality

The perfect girl
The perfect girl
May she only exist
in my dream world


Hello 🙂

One of the short stories I’ve recently written (and plan to submit) is about a man who falls in love with the woman of his dreams. The only problem is that she’s literally only in his dreams. I loved the story so much and I was dying to share it with you all. Since I can’t yet, I wrote a poem matching the story. Hope you liked it!

Have a great weekend, everyone!

-Jordan Antonacci
Twitter: @misterhushhush

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