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If You Want Love

love and moon

You won’t find The One
while out looking to hookup
While out looking to get drunk
While out looking to…

You won’t find The One
while recycling the past
By waking up the dead
praying it’ll live at last

You won’t find The One
by forcing it to fit
A suffocating love
is no way to live

Those are The Ones
that’ll leave you cut
Lost on a battlefield
struggling to stand up

When you find The One
a part of you will know
Heartbeats like drums
Time racing slow

It may reek of danger
like staring into a gun
Breathe in the sulfur
Resist the urge to run

With both feet, jump
Surrender all of your heart
If you want real love
you have to love hard

If you want trust
you may have to give it first
Open yourself up
and risk getting hurt

If you’re looking for The One
you may have to wait
because the truest of love
isn’t won in a race

There are no wasted experiences in life. Something can be taken from everything.

Thanks for reading πŸ™‚

Jordan Antonacci
Twitter: @misterhushhush

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