There isn’t much that feels better than moving forward. When I set out to do something and then do it, there’s just a feeling I get that’s incredibly intoxicating. Productivity is something like an addiction to me, and I’m a fiend. That’s why I’m so obsessed with lists–even if it’s a list of small things, like going to the Post Office or cleaning the kitchen.

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, this last winter was like a hell on Earth. But recently, things have been moving in the right direction. Being able to lay out a plan of action and then execute it was like building a ladder to pull myself from the 6-foot hole. Finally, I’m above ground and in the warmth of sunlight. And finally, everything’s moving forward, just like it should be.

I’m all moved in to my new apartment and work is going great; I’ve been contacted by a publishing company about my writing, which means I’m at least on the right track. I’ve moved on from the ex, my writing is going well, and I’ve started getting back into the gym.

Never just stay in place, never just wait. Newton’s First Law of Motion states that a body at rest will remain at rest unless an outside force acts on it. Nothing will happen until you make it happen. Nothing will change until you change it. Make a plan of action and move forward. Take the steps and make progress.

Thanks for reading, everyone! Hope you’ve all had a great week. Happy Friday Eve 😉

Talk soon,

-Jordan Antonacci
Twitter: @misterhushhush

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