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Dear Mama

A poem
For my beautiful mother

Who taught me to hug
Who taught me to love
I cannot say
Thank you enough

Though I can
be a bit much
You have never
given up

My best friend
Who knows best
The only place
I can vent
Only place
I can breathe
Enough to truly
be Me

The moon
Of my night
The stars
That help guide
No one shines
Quite as bright
In my sky
In my life

No one can ever
Love me as much as you
Through any weather
Grey or blue
It doesn’t matter
What I do
I know you’ll be there
To get me through

From diapers to rent
Toys to gas
Appointments to vacations
From baby bottles to class
I know you’ll always
Have my back
Despite the fact
I’m mean as crap

There’s no way I can pay you back
But the plan is to show you that I understand
You are appreciated

-Tupac, Dear Mama

One thing that makes my mother so special is that she was always, always there. A single mother working as a bartender, putting herself through school, and all the while raising two mean as fuck kids. What little free time she did have, she gave to me and my brother. Always. She never ditched us so she could go stay out and party all night. She was always good about making sure we did our homework and used all of her limited means to let us know she cared, and to keep us happy and healthy.

Happy Momma’s day, Mom; aka Heffer, Hag, Hillbilly, Redneck. (Insiders, I promise.)

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