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Poem: Let me take you back to church

Your clothes are on
but they shouldn’t be
Not with the way that you’re
looking at me

Your skin like cream
I long to dip myself into
Let my hands run wild
over every inch of you
An innocence to defile
All the things I might do
Let me introduce
you to something new


From your flesh
I tear your jeans
like with them on
I just can’t breathe

And run my tongue
from your chest to your feet
and taste you where
I know you taste sweet

Pull me in
Pull me in deep
until you fall weak
and down to your knees

Till I can feel your body tremble
crying out for me
and we remain entangled
in an ocean of sheets

Go slow
then fast
Every moan
every gasp
Every breath
every scream
unfolds like a
In the heat
our bodies meet
wrapped together
moving like our heartbeats

“I’m about to take you back to church
Tell me your confessions, baby
What’s your worst?
Baptize in your thighs
till it hurts
I’m about to take you back to church”

-Chase Atlantic, Church

Thanks for reading ❤

-Jordan Antonacci
Twitter: @misterhushhush

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