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Poem: The Power of Art

I want to speak
And let floods of red emotion
Flow from my
Devilish tongue

With the power to drown
An entire army
In no more
Than a few drops

With a few words
Like the mouth
Of God

To create
An entire city
On a blank page
Then turn it to ash
On the next

With the words I write
I want to guide
Like invisible hands
in the sky
Tugging at

The world is my
I am the

With the power of
A loaded gun
Art can kill
Or teach love

A pen loaded
With my blood
Drawn from
Wounds I cut
As I write
And open up
Spilling out
All of my guts

You can’t spell heart
Without art
And that’s what it is
My missing part

Hey people,

Hope you liked the poem 🙂

Here are all the upcoming dates for the promotion of my mystery novel:

June 22: Book release

June 23: Book blitz

June 24-29: Book tour pt 1

July 3-14: Book tour pt 2

And this isn’t relevant, but I go to Cali June 27th. If there’s anybody reading this in the Laguna Beach area, don’t be afraid to reach out! Though I do bite, sometimes it’s just a nibble. Jk 🙂

-Jordan Antonacci

Twitter: @misterhushhush

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