Poem: What the Fuck

I first saw you
While I was sitting in the car
In a suburban neighborhood
After a job

Then my boss
Climbed into
The passenger seat

You were outside
A few houses down
Playing with
Your dog

John looked at me
With his brows raised
He said

I didn’t say a thing
But it was weird
Coz he’s at least
Twice your age

Then your dog got away
And ran down the street
Right at me

So I grabbed it.

You looked
So much more beautiful
Up close

Your hair was in
A messy side bun
Coming undone

Thanks, you said
Under heavy breaths
I don’t know why he keeps
Running away
From me

Me neither, I said
Handing him back to you

Your eyes were hazel
Hair dirty blonde
I was hoping it reflected
Your personality
But you seemed

There was a prolonged
Where we couldn’t turn away
At all

I said have a nice day
And headed for the truck
Then I stopped and thought
What the fuck

I suddenly became
Self aware
And nervous

In the 93 degree heat
I was sweaty
And my work shirt

Still I asked
If I could give you
My number

You smiled and
Turned to the ground
Tucking a strand of hair
Behind your ear

You said
Why don’t I give you
My number

I didn’t know what that meant
But I said

When I got back in the truck
John asked
If I planned on calling

I shrugged
Maybe if I
Get lonely enough
Maybe if I
Get messed up enough

But one night
I’m sure I’ll say
What the fuck

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