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Poem: Trigger Finger


A trigger finger
on a pen
blowing out
my brains again

A blank canvas
washed in
strokes of red
paints a picture
of all the madness
in my head

A trigger finger
against her skin
can kill her with
just one touch

And all her tales
the pictures to come
will all be tainted
by her own blood

A trigger finger
to build this house
will build it just
to blow it down

Now all the life
I see and touch
is murdered by
my hands like guns

So I aim this finger
into my mind
I pull the trigger
then I write

13 thoughts on “Poem: Trigger Finger”

  1. This was such a powerful piece…
    The way you phrased your sentences, your writing style, the idea; all of it was just beautiful ❀
    Looking forward to reading more from you!

    Liked by 1 person

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