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Entries of the Heart, Pt 1


Journal Entry 1:

Today started the same as any other day. I figured since I had the weekend off, I’d head to the beach. Work has been killer, as has life, so a good 5-mile walk to clear my head seemed ideal.

I didn’t plan on being out for too long, so to say I put minimal effort into getting ready is an understatement. We’re talking a boho wrap skirt, lace crop top, absolutely no makeup, a spritz of my perfume, and my crazy wild waves flowing freely in all of their lack of glory. Who cares, right? I had no one to worry about trying to impress.

Once I arrived, I took a deep breath in and allowed myself to be greeted with the scent of the sweet, salty summer’s air. As tempting as the solid ground of the boardwalk was, to me, there is absolutely nothing like taking off your sandals and feeling the warm sand against your feet. It’s even better when followed by the cool crispness of a crashing wave, which had died down ever so softly to a crawl, as if to kiss your skin with the lips of a gentleman.

It was early, at just about 8 am, and the beach was practically empty of people. I felt so at peace. It would have been much more difficult to try and clear my head to the sound of blonde bikini girls giggling at the sound of their muscly boyfriend’s voices, which is what you would normally see and hear on a SoCal beach this time of year. Just when I thought I was completely alone, I looked up, and out in the distance, I saw him.

He was sitting in the sand, fully clothed, with a pen and a journal in his hand. He looked in deep thought, and he was absolutely beautiful in the most effortless way. Not just in the physical sense, which he was, but to see this guy at the beach so early writing was so attractive to me. I caught myself trying not to make it obvious that I was looking at him.

As I walked past him, I could feel his gaze on me. No way, I thought to myself. Get it together. He’s way too gorgeous, and there’s significantly better eye candy in Southern California than you. I flashed him a quick smile as I walked by to avoid being awkward.

Upon finishing my 5-mile walk, I headed back to my car, and to my surprise, he was at his car parked right next to mine, shaking the sand off of him. I coyly tried to avoid eye contact, but it was too late. He made some cute small talk about how it seemed like we were the only two people who decided to have some alone time at the beach today. I laughed and made some dorky comment about how it was the best time to go and beat the crowds. He asked if I came here often, to which I replied with, “Whenever I can.”

He smiled at me flirtatiously, and as he entered his car, he asked me if I can come back this same time tomorrow. I felt all the blood rush to my cheeks. I was not expecting that at all. After tucking my hair behind my left ear, biting my bottom lip, and looking down nervously, the only thing I could say was,”Maybe.”

“Maybe isn’t a no!” he said, before driving off.


Journal Entry 1

Dear Diary,

It all almost seems funny now that I reflect back on it. Not funny in a Ha-ha sense, but in a sense of I don’t know what else to do—perhaps an ever-present sign of my growing madness.

I remember the day I first saw her.

I took a step onto the sand and met the rising sun. He and I liked to arrive before the others. The only time it was quiet. It seemed the only sounds occupying Laguna were me talking to myself and the calm bustle of my thoughts. Outside of that was the desolate roar of the waves as they would rise, curl, and crash ever so softly upon the sandy shores. That wasn’t noise, though—it was music.

Even during the summer, the early morning air in southern California always held a chill, especially by the water. I sat cross-legged in the white sand. With a marked-up pad in my lap and the almighty pen in my grip, I prepared myself to unleash the godliest set of words that that pen had ever spoken. But as I stared at the page… I realized my mind was as blank as it.

The voice had begun to yell again. I put the pen down and looked up toward the waves splashing a saltwater mist into the air brushing against my face. That’s when I first saw her. At that moment, everything went quiet; even the nature’s tune faded beneath the sight of her. I was lucid enough to know my eyes were stuck to her, but I couldn’t turn away. She wore a skirt and some kind of lace top, and I’m not sure I’d ever seen such natural beauty. She smiled as she passed, and all I wanted was for her to come back. But she didn’t.

The hour was approaching nine, and as the sleeping city woke, noises arrived. I looked in the direction where the mystery girl had walked, then left the beach when I didn’t see her.

I was by my car brushing the sand from my pants when I saw her again. I didn’t think I would. What a breath of fresh air she was. There was something so pure about her. Was it the way she wore no makeup? The natural wave in her long dark hair? The way she’d grin as she turned up to the sky? She was heading for her car and, for whatever reason, I needed to say something.

“Hey!” I blurted on impulse.

With a shy smile, she said, “Hi.”

Small talk had never come easy for me, but with her, it flowed like a gentle stream.

Just before getting into my car, I looked at her. “Maybe you can come back this same time tomorrow?”

Her cheeks lit up pink. She tucked a strand of dark hair behind her ear. “Maybe,” she replied, looking to the ground as she did.

I felt a tug at the corners of my lips. “Maybe isn’t a no.” I climbed into my car and drove away, stealing one more glance of her in the rearview just before leaving the parking lot.

Diary, I’m not sure why, but I can’t stop thinking about this girl. Is this the beginning of something beautiful? Or just the calm before the storm?

“Entries of the Heart” is a series created and written by me and Jessica (Lady Lazarus). Jessica is a very talented writer and artist whose blog is quickly growing. If you haven’t yet, do take some time to go check out her blog at the link above 🙂

In this series, the journey of love is covered through the diary entries of Him (me) and Her (Jessica).

Thanks for reading! And a huge thanks to Jessica for reaching out to me. It was an honor writing this with you and I can’t wait to write part two ❤

-Jordan Antonacci
Twitter: @misterhushhush

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