Let X R.I.P.

Warning: Profanity, anger, and realness in this post. If those are things you can’t handle, then move along. Actually, as I write this, I’m on a plane headed for Laguna Niguel CA, so I MAY tone it down a little.

Before I say what I have to say, please know that I’m generally a nice person. I hold the door open for strangers, say please and thank you, and I stay out of business that isn’t mine—but something is happening that I need to address.

On June 18, musical artist XXXTentacion, aka Jahseh Dwayne Ricardo Onfroy

was shot and killed in a supposed robbery in Florida.

X was a rather controversial rapper, stirring up dust in his music as well as his personal life. He definitely did some things that were… bad (for a lack of a better word) and that I certainly did not approve of. Specifics of that isn’t what’s important now, though. X was young, and he was trying to better himself. But just as he begins turning over a new leaf, he’s gunned down like an animal, over some petty shit.

We’ve all done things we’re not proud of; especially in our youth. I know I’ve done some things I can never forgive myself for. Doesn’t mean these things should define who we are. Believe it or not, people change.

Anyway, since his death, the shitty side of America has been letting itself shine with a fat, ugly, shameless smile on social media. I’ve seen so many posts saying things like, “He was no angel,” “He’ll be getting no RIP from me,” and “Fuck X.” That last one prompted me to write this. Like I said, some time has passed since I started writing this, so my feelings toward this has died down some. Plus, these Biscoff crackers they give you on the plane are amazing.

To the idiots writing or thinking this stuff, what the fuck is wrong with you. A 20-year-old kid was gunned down and murdered just as he was trying to better himself, and all you know to do is stomp his name into the dirt to try and bury it as well. It’s immature, it’s pitiful, it’s fucking disgusting.

On the day he was killed, that morning he was setting up a charity for kids. In one of his videos to his fans, he said, “If I have to die or be a sacrifice, I want my life to help at least 5 million kids.”

Regardless of your childish opinions toward him, X had a good side. Through his music, he reached and helped millions dealing with mental illness and suicidal thoughts. I know he definitely helped me. His music still does. I listen to it everyday.

He did not deserve death. If you think otherwise then you need to take a hard look deep inside and figure out what the fuck is wrong with yourself. It’s sad. You’re what makes up this ugly side of America that makes me ashamed to call it home. If you’re someone who feels this way toward the death of him, then please, PLEASE unfollow me. I want nothing to do with you.

Believe me, with the things I’ve seen, no one is as disgusted with what X did than I. And I don’t know if you people have suffered at the hands of bad parenting or what, but you need to learn respect. This was a human life taken far too soon. He was a great artist with so much potential and so much more to do.

RIP X. Through your fans and your music, you’ll forever live on.

Now, on a lighter note, it’s day 4 of the blog tour!!! Feel free to check out Kelly’s page for an excerpt from my mystery novel, The Killed Conscience.


Thanks for reading,

Jordan Antonacci
Twitter: @misterhushhush

My time in Laguna so far has been great. Been missing da fam ❤️

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