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Poem: This Red Sea

This Red SeaA red sea of broken memories floods deep into all of me It seeps beneath this dam I've built This armor-like skin and wraps me in its current Its waves rise and crash mercilessly bombarding the shores of my sanity A raging tsunami through the streets of my home washing away debris and… Continue reading Poem: This Red Sea

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Poem: The End

Hello. I am back. Back from the dead, you could say... No not really. I'm just being dramatic. Like usual. So, for the last week and a half, I've kinda been away. But not really... I made a new site (, and for the first little bit it was amazing, but for whatever reason, my… Continue reading Poem: The End


Why you should never give up

Albert Einstein said, “I have tried 99 times and have failed, but on the 100th time came success.” If there’s one thing we all have in common, it’s that we all have dreams, and we all have goals. Whether they be microscopic or too grand to wrap your head around, they reside within all of… Continue reading Why you should never give up

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Poem: Everything and Nothing

I’m a sun that’s burnt out A star that’s become a black hole I’m a hero and the villain of the same movie I’m an ocean that nothing wants to swim in A sky nothing wants to fly in I’m hurt without gain Love without pain I’m a heart with no beat A phone with… Continue reading Poem: Everything and Nothing


Poem: The Heart of this Pen

It’s flooding deep This emotion Deeper than The trenches of an ocean The sky The Grand Canyon Sun and moonlight All contained Within this pen I’ve drained my heart With memories like shards And the blood I bleed Is turned to ink Now everything All that I see Is turned to red And shed here… Continue reading Poem: The Heart of this Pen

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I’m getting published!!!!!

Work today was a grueling pain in the ass. I work HVAC in Dallas and temperatures today got up to 105. Pretty sure I came close to having a heat stroke, but then again, that's almost every day. After the 9-hour shift was done, I said bye to my boss, got in my car, and… Continue reading I’m getting published!!!!!

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Poem: This Need

Like all the blood rushing like a stream this need it runs deep Starving for it always Even when I just ate Stomach growls like thunder as my pillars of sanity crumble I can't say no I don't want to say no It tells me that I'm free despite the chains around my wrists and… Continue reading Poem: This Need



At some point in our lives, we've all had someone tell us "Change is good." Some poor souls have had to suffer as those hounding words were repeatedly hammered into them (ahem, teenage me, ahem). It took my angsty self awhile to understand and accept those words. And they were hammered with necessity--I was a… Continue reading Changes

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Poem: The Fall

The comedown after the high The fall from soaring heights The crash that makes me think I’m about to die The tulip that bloomed only to wither The reminder that I’m not what I drew in the picture The reason why I never wish to remember The silence of the music and the fiddler A… Continue reading Poem: The Fall


Just put a song on YouTube! Check it out

It seems I'm most creative during my times of heartache. It's currently 3 am and I've spent all day/night getting this recorded and uploaded. It was quite the process. If you're not a fan of hip-hop/rap, I understand. Still, I hope you enjoy the music. Lyrics: Do they hear me? Do they feel me?… Continue reading Just put a song on YouTube! Check it out