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Living a Dream

On June 22, 2018, my second mystery novel (yet in my head, my first), The Killed Conscience, was released into the great big world. I imagine this to be a feeling similar to what parents experience when their children move away. Sometimes they go out there and do good, sometimes they hit the ground and stay there. Right now, I’m very proud of the young book I raised. While he’s not thriving and flying through the skies like a Stephen King novel, he is keeping his head above water, and that makes me happy.

I’ve noticed the majority of my reviews are 3 stars. Would I prefer 5? Of course. That would mean it reads like a Ruth Ware novel (although I consider her writing a bit basic), but three isn’t too shabby. I’ve always considered three to be very honest. They liked it but weren’t crazy over it and I can appreciate that. I myself am not crazy over it, but I’m still learning. This was my third book and I’m undoubtedly taking big steps forward with each one.

Thank you to those of you that purchased the book, reviewed it, added it to your to-be-read list on Goodreads, and those of you that helped/are helping with the promotion of the book. You’re all awesome!

Blog tour Pt 2

The second part of the blog tour (hosted by RABT) began today! I’m pretty excited but I need to get my shit together. This vacation thing has me slacking. I didn’t write or turn in my guest post till very last second! Shh… Anyway, here’s the schedule if anyone wants to follow along 🙂

July 3 – RABT Book Tours – Kick Off
July 3 – Laurie’s Thoughts and Reviews – Guest Post
July 4 – Books and Coffee – Excerpt
July 4 – Bound 2 Escape – Spotlight
July 5 – Fyresyde Publishing – Spotlight
July 5 – Tea time and Books – Spotlight
July 6 – Caroline Clemmons – Excerpt
July 7 – Cinta Garcia De La Rosa – Spotlight
July 8 – The Avid Reader – Interview
July 9 – Book Junkie Mom – Review
July 9 – The Bookworm Lodge – Spotlight
July 10 – Book Addict – Spotlight
July 10 – Dani the Bookaholic – Excerpt
July 11 – Quiet Fury Books – Excerpt
July 12 – Texas Book Nook – Review
July 13 – Jazzy’s Book Reviews – Spotlight
July 14 – The Indie Express – Review
July 14 – RABT Reviews – Wrap Up

As I sit here in front of a fireplace on this chilly July morning in California, reading positive reviews on my self-published book, I realize I’m living a dream. Let’s not wake up anytime soon—yeah? 😉

Here’s some extra pictures from our trip!

It looks like I’m about to land on my dad’s head, but I did not. P.S. That water was like ice.

Mom was like, “Here, sit on the edge of this 200 + ft cliff so I can take your picture! Yeah, it’s totally safe!”

What can I say? I saw an opportunity, I took it.

Thanks for reading!

Jordan Antonacci
Twitter: @misterhushhush

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