At some point in our lives, we’ve all had someone tell us “Change is good.” Some poor souls have had to suffer as those hounding words were repeatedly hammered into them (ahem, teenage me, ahem). It took my angsty self awhile to understand and accept those words. And they were hammered with necessity–I was a little shit.

Change is good. As far as those words go, I understand plenty of people agree and plenty don’t. I also understand that those who don’t are most likely intimidated by the thought of abandoning their comfort zone. But real life happens outside of your comfort zone. At least, that’s what I read somewhere on the internet.

And as Will Smith said in a very motivational video, “The best things in life are on the other side of fear.”

Cut to a scene of my brother in his bedroom, behind a computer screen, blinds closed, and a weeks’ worth of snacks littered around him.

I wonder if he reads the blog…

view ape thinking primate
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Anyway, I’ve spent this post thus far building up a lot of hype for… nothing really. If you were expecting some life-altering reveal, then sorry. I haven’t finally decided to learn how to love and I’m not running for president. The big change I’ve gotten you pumped up for is…

My website! The blog–whatever. Actually, yeah, my website, because the first big change is…

I now own a domain!

That’s right! is all mine πŸ™‚ .wordpress is outta here!

The layout

I literally got up at 6 AM and spent like 3 hours this morning going through all the new layouts before settling.

I’m still not even sure I’m satisfied. I’m like a woman shopping for shoes with this. Jk, ladies πŸ˜‰

Scheduled posts!

Considering I’ve always been a write-when-inspiration-strikes-type of guy, this change is a big’n. I’ll have scheduled posts for at least 3 days of the week and a few surprise posts in between. Monday and Wednesday are poetry posts, and Saturday is the next change:

Essay Saturdays!

Also, on the sidebar to the right, you’ll see a YouTube video. That’s me πŸ™‚ Whenever I make a new song, I’ll post it there.

Thanks for reading, and to my followers, thank you so much for following ❀️

Talk soon,

Jordan Antonacci


Check out my YouTube channel πŸ™‚

8 thoughts on “Changes”

    1. Deciding to face change and finding that it’s good is a big bold step! It’s a great, encouraging topic as well. I look forward to reading more from you πŸ™‚


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