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Poem: Tears of an Angel

When I was young
My grandma would say
the rain from above
came from the eyes
of Angels
as they cried

To me
it didn’t mean much
at the time

But now that
my Nanny has become
an angel herself
when it rains
I dwell

I pray these tears
aren’t flooding
from her loving eyes
as well

Please, Nanny
don’t be

I love you

Check out my vlog on YouTube if you haven’t yet! 🙂

Hey peoples, thanks so much for stopping by MrHushHush Entries! I literally spent all night last night on a 13 hr roadtrip back home to Knoxville for a memorial service for my grandpa. This morning I was napping in my car when I was awoken by pouring rain. For whatever reason, I thought back to what my grandma used to tell me and it inspired this poem. Hope you liked it. If so, I invite you to follow along MrHush 🙂

Talk soon,
Jordan Antonacci

Photography by Jordan Antonacci (ya boy)

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