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Overnight road trip: Tx to Tn (pics & vid)

For me, I’m realizing that I feel most alive while traveling—when I’m out on the open road with the world at my feet and time in my pocket. There seems to be nothing more thrilling to me than a journey. I love having a destination in my mind, but what I love even more is the adventure to get there.

So, I was originally supposed to leave early Thursday morning… but that didn’t happen. Instead, for whatever delusional reason, I chose to leave at 7 pm, and drive all night. It was definitely a memorable experience. I think. I was so tired I hardly remember anything after 4 AM.

What’s making this trip even more exciting is where I’m sleeping. Initially, I had plans to sleep in my car, but then my friend offered to let me stay in one of his empty houses. I wasn’t going to just say no.

There isn’t any furniture though.

Though I chose to move from this place, Knoxville still is and will always be my home. In fact, I’ve had such an amazing time these last few days reconnecting with friends and family, I’m longing to move back. I’ve missed the tight, winding roads, the rolling foggy hills and mountains, the abandoned barn houses and country folk…

Just goes to show—you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone.

Thanks for reading! I’m not quite sure when I’m going back “home” at this point, so I’m sure I’ll be doing another travel post soon.

Have a good weekend ❤️

Jordan Antonacci

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