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Poem: The Heartbeat of Years

The clock ticks
away years
like the beat
of my heart

You’re still
in my tears
I wear your name
like a scar

Wishing you
were here
as I look upon
a million stars

I awake into
a nightmare
everyday I’m not
in your arms

We’re all home now
but you are nowhere
to be found

Together, we remember
of everything before
that cold day in December

As we hope and try
with dimly lit eyes
to keep you and your love
burning through the night

Unable to face
the truth of sunrise
so we
choose to go blind

We missed you at the reunion. Love you.

Hey peeps! Thanks for stopping by MrHushHush Entries; I hope you liked the poem.

Hopefully, I’ll have some new music and a new vlog posted by tomorrow so do check out the YouTube channel!

Like and follow along. Thanks guys!

Love y’all ❤️


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