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Poem: Blackout

The anger still lingers
The face in the mirror
Distorted by the danger
Looks only like
a stranger

So I took a marker
and colored the mirror

We used to be
so so close
you used to be
a place I called home
but now that home
has grown so cold
and empty, like
decaying bones

I’ve recently
committed a crime
and no I didn’t
even think twice
I took a knife
my oh my
and stuck it into
my past life

All the pictures
All the memories
All the hearts
my lovers sent to me
has burst into
flames of my past

And it’s okay
I’m not even sad
as a new day will rise
and bloom from the ash
The grass here is greener
Finally, at last

“Life is for the living”

-Action Bronson

Don’t just live in life—thrive.


Photography by Jordan Antonacci (ya boy)

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