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Poem: Dead Inside

He never truly

felt alive

But at the same time

never quite like

he’d ever died

The truth was

the boy lived a life

in which he always felt

dead inside

And the worst part

was that he never knew


Thank you guys for stopping by MrHushHush Entries; I hopes you liked the poetry.

If you read my previous post you know that a literary agent contacted me the other night requesting a full manuscript of my book The Killed Conscience. I’ve been dreaming of this moment for years. This morning I sent it in. I’ll keep you all updated!

Also, you may have noticed my tip jar in the sidebar. I’ve never been one to ask for money but I’ve recently begun a journey that’s testing my bank account. I quit my job to further pursue my dreams (music, writing) full-time. Hopefully this book takes off, but right now I’m sleeping on the hardwood floor of my friends extra vacant house. Details are in other posts and my vlog. But yeah, you can hit the arrows to determine how many dollars… EVERY cent is appreciated. Thank you guys for your support.

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Jordan Antonacci

Photography by Jordan Antonacci (ya boy)

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